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Hi I'm reasonably new to keeping parrots, but I'm looking at getting a African grey. Are there any breeders you can recommend? I'm in east Yorkshire but dont mind travelling. Thanks


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:welcome: I think due to the lock down it is quite difficult for folk to obtain birds. You may like to join the Parrot Society UK where for a small yearly sub you receive their monthly mag full of info also where UK breeders advertise, you can find their details via google.
You may like to contact the RSPCA who often have parrots needing homes.

I am sure other members will be along with more info.

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Hello and welcome, I do not know the breeders your way but at the moment there is not much happening owing to the COVID virus, you can try the parrot society, Shows have been put on hold that birds are sold at, the seller of a grey must provide DEFRA Paperwork


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Oooo your just up the coast from me :) I worked there for two years on that underground tunnel we put in under Brid itself
welcome to the forum :wave:
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