African grey looking for a new home

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@Barbara Hello and welcome, I have started this post for you, if you can give as much information as you can including the area you live, I am sure a member will be able to help


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The ethos of the forum is to try and help people keep their birds rather than rehome them.
Why do you think you need to rehome? We can perhaps help you to work with your bird and keep you together sometimes people don;t think they are doing the best for their birds and don;t realise their birds are actually quite happy with them and just a few tweaks of diet and training can keep you together :)

Michael Reynolds

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As much as you would like to offer a home very kind of you, first of all we do see if there is a way that the bird can stay with the owner. I know that is not always possible, as we do not know the circumstances of each person or bird, but we also try to support the owner as re homing a bird that has been part of a family is never a easy choice.

it is not one of my birds Samin and the choice of whom the bird goes to is down to there owner, I am defiantly one that dose mot believe that any member should not be considered just because of lack in experience or any other reason, I am not big I am the same as you I am here for helping parrots and there owners and I give support, to every one as best as I can

Ok over many years I have gained experience in many species and like to pass on the knowledge I have through my own findings. I joined this site and stayed loyal to it as the best group of parrot lovers I have found, my current flock of the birds I own is 147 of many species most are with other people and places on long term loan or with elderly people keeping them company.

I have one major rule that can turn me against any keeper and that is if they clip the wings of a bird after myself and others have warned them against such practice but even then if a person is in parts of the US or another country that this is a normal thing to do I also understand that I can only advice them not to clip a birds wing as they get told this is the correct thing to do, so its no good me falling out with them as at the end of the day there bird will need mine and others support.

@Samin Alakozay All I am is a member like you, I am not a big boy (that made me laugh) there is never a time that I think a person is not ready as I believe you will always come back to get advice and support every one who ask questions and listens to the advice given, wants to share there home ,patients and love with a parrot to me is ready.

Barbra posted in the Squark box, so I hope she will come back, I started this post to try to help her and the grey that she is thinking of rehoming. She may have second thoughts and not come back, I hope she dose even if she has changed her mind, so I can give her help and support like I do with every one.

What I wish for is people to come back to the site and help other bird owners with there own experiences good or bad and help another parrot to have a better life.
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