African Grey joining the family soon


Aww they are so cute, look at the one on the right with the fat little toes. The one you have chosen, is he male? with his beak aloft, he is going to be the boss that is for sure.

Are you sure you will only be bringing home 1 ?
Yes definitely one lol.
I thought that you could only sex Grey's by DNA?


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Welcome Gary!
I absolutely love baby parrots, they are adorable 😍

I myself have a grey, he is 11 months old now but i got him when he was 5 months and that bird has me right where he wants me haha! Safe to say he rules my house.
I absolutely love him! Very exciting times for you!


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A beautiful bird, not long to wait now, make sure he is fully weaned though before he comes to you.
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