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Advice Needed.. Marley Spent Like Misting Or Bathing

Discussion in 'Feathers And Grooming' started by andy6699, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. andy6699

    andy6699 Registered

    Hi guys it's been 3 weeks since I got MARLEY and bath time is a nightmare. I try and mist spray her twice a week but she hates it so I don't do it for long. Don't think she's getting wet enough to have the desired effect she did try going in her water bowl and bathing but it's close to cage corner so I was worried she would hurt her wings so I tried putting a bowl in bottom of cage but she doesn't like new things so she wouldn't go near it' I don't want to stress her out what can I do??
  2. Michael Reynolds

    Michael Reynolds Regular Member

    Hello Andy well many birds are not happy with bathing at first, but you will need to make it a fun event. spray so the drops fall from above her, dance and act excited and silly, but its not until she gets soaked that she will see its a great thing to do. most of the birds I take on are not used to regular spraying and I have overcome nearly all of my flock and bath time is one time they all look forwards to.
  3. Heather2131

    Heather2131 Regular Member

    One of mine hates being sprayed and will scream but he loves a bath
    The other loves being sprayed and doesnt seem to know how to bath properly in water

    So I put a cat litter tray in the bottom of the cage and he baths there, if yours wont go down to the bottom you can buy a large bowl and attach it higher up in the cage if thats what he prefers
    Mine always tries to bath when we start hoovering so that may encourage your bird? Seems to be quite common
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  4. Rio'sRich

    Rio'sRich Registered

    I don't like to cage mist/spray as everything gets soaked and cages can rust too easily even powder coated. Our first attempt at a bath for Rio was a 2' square shallow tray large Macaw size and we placed it on the living room floor and put in about an inch deep of tepid water, well he loved it, not so much us though! water went every where, talk about cages getting we when mist/spraying the living room was far worse off after his bath. We needed another option.

    I constructed a shower perch as we have a large walk in shower and this is how his shower time ritual goes,
    He steps onto my hand from his cage perch we go through the living room door, slowly, as those doors are quite scary, up the stairs and into the bathroom I then have to put the scary door into the hole and once that has gone all is ok, I put the lid down on the toilet (for safety) I then place Rio on top of the shower cubicle while I prepare his shower. Moving his shower perch (which is attached with suckers) across the middle of the shower and then running the water though till it's tepid (our water is fed from tanks and not heated as used so there is no risk of hot water scalding, apart from anything I'm constantly monitoring direction temperature and pressure) Whilst all this is going on Mr Rio is running around the top of the cubicle testing all the top with his beak then moving around to the mirror to say hello to the other bird also about to take a shower, if I haven't moved all human shower gel and shampoo containers out the way before hand these all have to be chucked on the floor.

    Anyway as soon as the water comes on it's W-hey wings out get me on my perch I lift him to his perch then direct the water on to him the shower head mists or showers he seems to prefer the shower rather like rainfall he has a good soaking his body language tells me when he's had enough and I lift back onto the cubicle top where a good old flap gets some of the water off then back downstairs to his cage perch and he has a blow dry from a small fan heater on low which he absolutely loves I don't dry him completely I let him do the natural preening to finish off, just make sure he doesn't get chilled at this time of year. I love the feel of his feathers after a shower and they shine even more.

    The first few times he was a bit unsure until he got used as with all new things but now Sunday is a ritual and also mid week, if we get the chance.

    Those doors are another thing.
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  5. andy6699

    andy6699 Registered

    Thank for all your replies I will try the bowl in the cage again if not I will keep misting her I know she don't like it but it's got to be done
  6. Heather2131

    Heather2131 Regular Member

    Get a larger drinking/food bowl if her current one is too small