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Advice Appreciated

Discussion in 'Parrot Chatter' started by R21, Sep 5, 2018.

  1. CaptainHowdy

    CaptainHowdy Regular Member

    Just to add I have 5 parrots. 2 we're handreared, the other 3 were not to my knowledge.

    My hahns came from a pet shop and was the most aggressive little bugger when I got him. I'm talking try to take your fingers off if you get too close aggressive. Now he is the sweetest little thing, with me and me only. He is extremely bonded to me and will attack anyone who gets too close.

    One of my ow Amazon's can only be handled by me. The other is very much a no poops given old guy and is happy to be left to it to be honest! But he's not aggressive and moves away if he's upset.

    We bought our yellow crowned amazon as a baby and he is handreared. Started off going to anyone. Had him a year and he's a mommy's boy. Will bite my partner if he wants me instead and will ignore my partner if I'm around.

    Then my Patagonian. We believe he was handreared at some point and treated very much like a baby. He is oven ready and has been ever since I got him. He bonds very strongly to one person or object - coconut head toy is his current gf - and he will scream the place down if he can't see it. When he was bonded to me it was constant contact calling everytime he knew I was in the house. And I mean constant. I had to be looking at him and talking to him only for him to calm down. No looking but having a convo with someone else. He did get better over time but even now I can't take him in a travel cage without him freaking out due to how often he's been passed around. He will also attack ankles if he's protecting me.

    So to be honest the most well rounded of my lot is my old man Amazon who I took on as a rehome. He's getting on in age but to be honest he hasn't really changed. You pretty much get what you see with him. He's happy to interact and he's happy to just do his own thing. He's the only one I would be happy for my family to interact one on one with if I'm not around.

    Not all rehome had a bad life and not all who had a bad life will stay aggressive and fearful.

    Any bird you get you need to build that bond with and learn to trust and respect each other.
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  2. DizzyBlue

    DizzyBlue Administrator Staff Member Admin

    You are right @dianaT they are classed as endangered and require their breeder to register them with the people at Cites so you would also get a yellow piece of paper that looks like a flimsy form that gives a specific number to that particular bird (vague description of what I have below). The seller may give you a hatch certificate and proof of DNA sexing (I have these for MrP who was purchased as an adult rather than a baby) The bird should also have a closed leg ring that is referenced on that paperwork some have microchips but more than often don't. Make sure you know what species exactly you are buying and if they require paperwork even hybrids if one parent bird is a Cites 1 listed bird has to have Cites paperwork.

    If in doubt pop on here we will help you all we can :) I made a quick phone call to the Cites peeps to double check MrP's paperwork was correct and legal took me two minutes but peace of mind is priceless and I fret about everything lol.

    Just looking at what I have for MrP my DYH. I have dna sexing paperwork, hatch certificate (these two are not really massively important, a bill of sale (important) and his Cites paperwork this is a total must on a cites listed 1 bird if money is exchanging hands. No cites paperwork no money can exchange hands end of story unless it has gifting paperwork.

    Looking at my Cites paperwork for MrP its a flimsy yellow sheet of A4 tissue like paper.
    Reading from top left to right is says
    Breeder name and their ID number, top right a certificate number
    Says his dna sex, hatch date, his ring number (always make sure that this corresponds to the ring on the birds leg) and below that it says his parents cites paperwork numbers.
    Then there is the country he was bred in, the latin name for his species which is Amazona ochrocephala oratrix and below that the common name for the species ie Double Yellow Headed Amazon.
    At the bottom left of the document is another number stamped on by the Cites peeps which is not the same as the one on the top right hand side.

    This piece of paper is very important and must whenever the bird exchanges hands for money go with that particular bird and be kept safe. A bird cannot legally be sold if it doesn't have this piece of paper both buyer and seller will be putting themselves at risk of prosecution if money exchanges hands and there is no way around it so agreeing to pay an extreme amount of money for a cage and getting the bird "free" is also not an option.
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  3. sunnyring

    sunnyring Regular Member

    I do think with an adult you know what you are getting personality wise, babies grow up and can change, adults a bit less fickle
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  4. DizzyBlue

    DizzyBlue Administrator Staff Member Admin

    @sunnyring please come around and tell my little Henni to stop being fickle she just threw her apple slice on the floor because it was not the type of apple she likes :risas3: she likes those little coxes apples and I just gave her a slice of golden delicious according to her they are not delicious :lol:
    Just sat here watching her ripping it up and throwing out through the bars of her cage apparently it should not be allowed to remain in her cage :) bless her have already popped her favourite into her bowl for her ready when she has finished making a mess.
    Got to love that little grey feisty nudist and 38 years young she maybe but don't ever try to pull the wool over her little eyes :emoji_revolving_hearts:
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  5. Parrot797

    Parrot797 Regular Member

    DYHeaded Amazons(all species off)require CITES certs since September 2003!
  6. Michael Reynolds

    Michael Reynolds Regular Member

    I had a very bad start with Oliver when I went to collect him he was fine with me until I was taking in up the ramp of my car and I tripped and his cage dropped down with a crash. at first it was flying attacks and I has taken over a year and a half for him to finally accept me. and now he loves having his belly tickled and head scratched but apart from when his owner is hear he has to stay in his cage when I am expecting visitors as I cannot trust him like I can the orange winged Charlie, Conker and Allan. the most friendly amazon I have ever met was a blue fronted but even with them you can get some that are far from friendly or stick to one person and will attack every one else. The only bird in the parrot family that I have found to be so different in there ways compared to a male is the Eccie but given the choice and having two in my life I just love the females and there demanding ways.
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  7. R21

    R21 Regular Member Registered

    I've decided to go down the adoption route, safe housing first to get some experience of a variety of species and "personalities"
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  8. dianaT

    dianaT Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    :welcome: will this be your first parrot? Good for you going along with the safe housing/adoption route.
    On this forum we do not recommend or name any charities/rescues etc. There are good and bad in all and best for us not to become involved.
    Are you in the UK? I do not know whether you are a FB user if so there are many rescues on there where you may find the information helpful.
    You may also like to join the Parrot Society (google them for their info) they hold shows during the year next one being at Stafford next month, the info will be on their website. You do not have to be one of their members to attend.
  9. R21

    R21 Regular Member Registered

    @dianaT - yes its my first parrot, I've already spoken to a couple of charities, both have been really helpful and professional. I've also joined the Parrot society and received all the magazines from earlier in the year, I'm hoping to attend the show at Stafford too.
  10. dianaT

    dianaT Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    That is good you will get off to a wonderful start at the PS Show and just ask ask ask questions.
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