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I'm researching cages for a caique at the moment & have been reading old threads. I've had a look in Amazon & they have cages by Yaheetech - has anyone one tried them? They have good Amazon reviews.

I want to get the biggest cage I can but do have a limit on what I can spend:(

Any advice is appreciated - thank you


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Also don't forget second hand, loads of big cages available through Facebook and such, just check for any paint/powder coating flaking or any rust, also look for bubbles in the paint (as this is a sign of rust underneath), if no sign then your looking pretty good. If you do see rust or bubbles or flaking, walk away, regardless of how "nice" or "cheap" it is.

Its how I got one, 6ft x 3ft x 4ft £65, power washer it, scrubbed it with F10, let dry, they spayed F10 on it and let it dry again, 3 cycles of this and its as clean as it possibly can be..
I agree that looking on Scarletts or Northern Parrots would be better. The brands are more reputable. The photos on the likes of those other cages can be misleading too as they just add a pic of a bird but not to scale. I saw one once with an African Grey apparently sat right next to a greenwing macaw which was only about 2 inches taller. The cage itself was thin wire, and the bar spacing was only suitable for a budgie!
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Have a look at the better vendors first (Scarletts and Northern Parrots) to see variety. Try not to go for a tall cage with a small foot print as most birds spend most of the time in the top half. With a wider than tall cage, you have more space for perches and toys. With Caiques I'd get a cage where the feeder doors swing out so that you don't get bitten slotting in the food bowls - Caiques take their food very seriously! :biggrin: A cheap cage is false economy if you have to buy another in a few years.
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