A 'selfie' But Who Of?


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Sorry couldn't message more than replying to Roy. I had Gizzie and Mia wanting attention and he can get a little jealous so I have to be on guard.

@Ararajuba I didn't realise.

I went on google and they said They both are invertebrates so I assumed they are classed the same. Sorry :emoji_face_palm:.


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Go on and get one @Heather2131 :)

I only have Hettie. Even though they can breed without a partner as they are hermaphrodites, meaning that they have the reproductive organs of both sexes on them, therefore they are able to produce both sperm and eggs. However having 2 will increase the chances of the eggs fertilizing. There is not enough homes for these beauties so it is a problem of them getting homed.
I make sure I spend a lot of time with her. When her big viv is ready she will have lots of hides and things explore.
I know, my family stupidly got like 5 and kept them as pets, didnt care for them properly, they bred like crazy, I was only little.

I do worry about the breeding, people cant seem to make up their mind online about whether they can breed alone or not, you read one article that says they do and others that say you still need a partner even though they have both sexes.

The breeding and do they smell? Is the key things I worry about otherwise I would get one


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My daughter had 2 of them long time back which sometimes we had to look after, I could not stand them, sorry , each to his/her own.
Eventually they got so big they went to Folly Farm down here.
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