A 'selfie' But Who Of?


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I bet I am completely wrong but here goes.

Something tells me that may be a hat, but nooooo. I am typing how see now. I have to admit, totally stumped. Are we having to guess the person or what is on his head?


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Yep it is one of grandsons Guinea Pigs - Truffle.
Here is her companion Isabella.

If someone else would like to post up a 'selfie' or something for us to guess what it is please do. It doesn't have to be an animal.

selfie isabella.jpg


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Awww I love guinea pigs.
When I was about 10 years old my sisters brought home to 2 guinea pigs. They got them from a friend in school. The friends Mum said they can have them. My Mum was not impressed having 2 guinea pigs at the door after they were playing at the friends house and without asking permission too. Well after 2 weeks the novelty wore off and me being me just started looking after them when I realised they were not getting cleaned out and fed, watered etc. My Mum kept saying they should take responsibility not you as you didn't ask for them. But that was not the guinea pigs fault. My sister's ended up giving them to me as a gift. I was over the moon and really happy. I told my Mum that they are giving them to me. She said your being walked over.
I didn't know how to look after a guinea pig so I went to the library and got all my info and looked after my to little munchkins.
I know I was being played and the only reason they gave them to me is because they couldn't be bothered but I loved them.

Well here is another one to guess
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