A Parrot Friendly Christmas

Have yourself a parrot friendly Christmas,
Decorate a java tree,
Make sure all your decorations are parrot friendly....
Have yourself a parrot friendly Christmas,
Make your Yuletide gay
Bit make sure all candles are hidden away....
Here we are with our parrot ways,
We are parrot slaves for sure,
We can't have any mistletoe
Cause it's bad for them you know!
Through the years our houses will be demolished,
Changes to our lives we've made.
But just remember don't be afraid...
And have your self a parrot friendly Christmas Day!!!
Yes.... I like making up stuff like that.

I do it a lot, me and Mimosa make ups new songs a lot.
brill Rach I loved it! bet you and Mim have a lot of fun doing that together :)
Right just going to "bump" this thread again...remember folks birdie safety so we can all have a happy and safe festive season xx
For those of you that do do the christmas festivities dragged this post up from last year, time to make sure you make it a parrot friendly one

those of you with new birds whether they are rehomes or babies the first post in this long thread is important regarding christmas trees and decorations

And remember not too much naughty food but do have a safe festive season
I like to think I have taken all precautions to keep this a parrot and dog safe Christmas but its good to bring this thread up to the top again to remind us. It just needs one moment of error and it could be disaster.
Time to bump this thread up again :)
Only good thing about Christmas I can think of for me is lots of stollen :p
@dianaT I am only slacking cos you keep eating it :risas3: I am a box behind you …. mind you that depends on the size of the box :biggrin:
Have you seen Tesco Finest Stollen that you slice up (£7) I have one stashed away telling hubby it's for Christmas :naughty2: (he will have forgotten it by then) :lol:
This is the thread I tried to bump up earlier but failed miserably!
Usually I do remember to tag this one up earlier before Christmas day …. another failure by me!!
Please have a read of this thread and keep you and your birdies safe by ensuring they don't get hold of anything that they shouldn't :)
Have a safe and peaceful christmas peeps xx
Thanks Dizzyblue, love the parrot Xmas cake recipe, but I'm not sure Bob would get a look in as hubbie would probably enjoy it as well 😃😃
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