A Delivery Arrived Today......

its amazing. need pics of burdies enjoying their new toy
I'll be defo putting pics on! We've just got to finish infilling around the porch to the back door wall (wierd awkward shape cos of drains etc) and it'll be ready to use! Still got to sort out plants, and order more perches etc... but we'll at least be able to let them enjoy it. Can't wait!

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Just curious as would love something like this, are you secure from rodents getting in and will you cover/part cover the top at all? :)
Here's some pics of one of the trial runs with the aviary. Not got all the stuff in it, but we want to get them used to being in it without us so we're building up to it. Otherwise Bebe just hangs on to the door waiting to come back in! We've been doing some of their training in there with nice rewards.

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A question! We had a eucalyptus tree that we had to cut down a while ago. I know the wood is safe for parrots, but it's been leant against the fence for a while before the aviary arrived. Would a good spraying with F10 be ok do you reckon, to get into the nooks and crannies? Part of me screams "No! They'll catch cooties!" But another part of me reasons that in the wild they'd be chewing all sorts of crap, and there are people with free flight birds who play in trees that haven't been disinfected to the nth degree. I've never used anything but pre-prepared wood perches/java trees and I'm a little scared of it!

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I can only say that all branches we cut for the parrots get washed in diluted F10 then after a few hours I give a quick rinse.
I am sure others will be along with advice though.
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