2019-07-08 Recall: Heera - Golden Sultanas


Staff member
We are recalling Heera Golden Sultanas because sulphur dioxide has not been declared on the packaging.

Heera Golden Sultanas
Pack size: 10 kg, 3 x5 kg, 6 x 700 g, 20 x 250 g, 20 x 100 g
Batch code: ED18/281, ED18/071, HP1TN1040319, HP3TN1210618, HP2TN1211118, 1G2280818, 1G1280818, 2G1100119, 2G1170419, 2G1261118, 2G1240518
Best-before-end dates: 30/04/2020 and 31/10/2020

The batch code and best before date can be found on the rear of the package.

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