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2 Lovely Baby Caiques

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by malcolm wheeldon, May 16, 2017.

  1. malcolm wheeldon

    malcolm wheeldon Registered

    Hi All,
    New poster on a new site (to us). Just to say, we have had pet budgies for around 25 years. mY Wife has always been way upset on the demise of each bird, each living for approx 5-7 years. We have taught every bird to talk & quite a few tricks.
    After our last budgie passed we decicided NO MORE BIRDS. Then, we watched a youtube video on Caiques, we were absolutely smitten. Long story short is we we now have a 5 month old boy & a 3 month old girl Caiquie.
    Our budgies were always intelligent & friendly but I cannot believe how much our caiques are so trusting.
    It was due to reading on this site, that we decided to go with the clever parrot rather than the talkative one.
    Thanks for your site information.
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  2. Heather2131

    Heather2131 Regular Member

    Yay more caiques, welcome to the forum :biggrin:
  3. bikergirl Carol

    bikergirl Carol Regular Member

  4. Bradders

    Bradders Parrot Power! Staff Member Moderator

    Glad the forum has been a help to you BUT even more pleased you've introduced yourself! You will know that we just adore caiques on here! Not got one myself but they just seem so adorable! We want to see lots of photos, maybe a video or two? Hint hint.

    @pally Look, more caiques in our flock!! :)
  5. Michael Reynolds

    Michael Reynolds Regular Member

    Hello and welcome it is so nice to here that you have been visiting this sight and doing your homework. all birds are so special and I know how you and your wife must of felt loosing the budgies. well I see you have chosen the clowns of the parrot world as you know there are a few members that have them and they are special
  6. TomsMum

    TomsMum Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Hi Malcolm and :welcome:to the forum....and the Caique club! I don't have them myself, but know from our members here that they are great characters.
  7. malcolm wheeldon

    malcolm wheeldon Registered

    Hey, thanks for the welcome. We think this is a brilliant site, so informative & friendly (not like some of the others), where preaching seems to come before help & advise.
    Just to say, breakfast & teatime have become the 'laughing-time 'in our house now, as our babies join in the meals. Quite hilarious!
    Hoping to visit the site often, & will not hesitate to ask if we need help.
    Many Thanks.
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  8. pally

    pally caique whisperer Regular Member

    Hi @malcolm wheeldon welcome to the fun filled world of caiques from my gang of caiques ,the galah and myself.feel free to ask any questions about your caiques afterall it is my favourite subject.very happy for you.
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  9. dianaT

    dianaT Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Hi and :welcome: welcome from me and my flock (no Caiques though!)
  10. Zooamazons

    Zooamazons Regular Member

    Welcome to the forum.

  11. malcolm wheeldon

    malcolm wheeldon Registered

    Hi Pally, Thanks for the offer, I may need some help along the way lol. We bought our little man (twizzle) from up your neck of the woods, or maybe a little higher. Ashington nr Morpeth.
    He is so sweet & he keeps feeding our little girl (kitty) as though he's her dad lol.
    Nearly two week togetjher & no major squables, yet.....
    Speak soon & thanks.
    Mal & Polly.x
  12. Heather2131

    Heather2131 Regular Member

  13. malcolm wheeldon

    malcolm wheeldon Registered

    Hi Heather, we bought him from Ashington. He was already named Twizzle, so we stuck with it. They're both black-headed.
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  14. malcolm wheeldon

    malcolm wheeldon Registered

    Will try to get some pics of them, when we work out how to do it. Not very computer literate sadly.
  15. Setanta

    Setanta Regular Member

    Welcome to the forum. Thumper says Hi


    .............and NO, you cant have a nut!
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  16. Kerin

    Kerin Regular Member

    Welcome from me and the small flock of three, two amazons and a caique called Peanut :)
  17. malcolm wheeldon

    malcolm wheeldon Registered

    Hi again Heather,
    Yes, he has got yellow thighs, & a black head & a split-ring. Doesn't mean much to me except he's beautiful lol.
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