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it is illegal to feed kitchen scraps to your hens, so they can't be used as little walking composters, as much as they'd love to be :biggrin:
I'd forgotten all about that law being brought in to force after pigs were fed undercooked kitchen waste...so became more of a blanket kind of ban reference any "farm animal" not being allowed to be fed it, mind you after there was that huge outbreak of BSE in cattle being fed what they shouldn't have been it's enough to make anybody think twice!

Steve Ducks

Just for fun and experience. I put an aviator harness on on of my chickens yesterday. She didnt mind at all! (No chickens were harmed during this experiment!) I got it on her with very little issues and she wnet for a quick walk and within two seconds shook the harness off like houdini!

Steve Ducks

So my boss chicken has just killed and eaten another Sparrow. I saw another running around with a mouse the other day - but I love my wild birds and the chooks are driving most of them away. Just saying - I think this is one of the downsides of being a chuck daddy :(

Michael Reynolds

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Nature can be cruel at times, and having sat in your garden and seen how the Sparrows, starlings and doves come so close to you and how sweet they are I can see the sadness when this happens


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@Zoe220615 It's something to do with contaminants from within a domestic kitchen. I only read up on it a bit because we weren't planning on it anyway, but controlled studies have apparently shown than hens fed leftovers/scraps had a higher % result of salmonella. I think it would perhaps relate to eg... some stew that someone left to go cold and then gave to the hens, as its had chance to grow bacteria. If you're preparing fresh veg for a meal, and you give the washed off-cuts to the hens, that's ok, as it's fresh food properly prepared.
Growing up with my family we kept chickens, I was caring f or them up until a year ago. My grandparents were old school, the chooks got anything and everything left from the kitchen, fruit, veg, bakery items, even pancakes !!!
I was known to be round and round chasing a fox with a stick in my jammies !!!! Haha ! Chicken life is something else !
I will definitely keep them again in the future. My favourite, Blondie, was a very pale, almost white female, she was a good flyer so she would be out a lot, have nests all over the place, follow me about the yard with the cat and the dog. I was pretty upset when the fox got her. Sometimes the foxes just find a way and its very frustrating but they are only trying to feed their young as well.
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