training issues

  1. Libbiheath

    Broken Trust with my Budgie

    Hello! I have a Budgie named Blair, who if I must say, is an INCREDIBLY stubborn bird. :D When I first got her it took several months until she began to trust me, and we bonded very closely. She would fly up to me, sit on my head, try and eat my hair, it was lovely (except from the hair thing)...
  2. MASKN

    Quaker Parakeet refusing to come anywhere near me

    Hiya, I've had a Quaker Parakeet (his name is Kiwi I love him very much) for about a year now. When we got him, he was under a year old, so he's now slightly over a year old. He wasn't hand-reared. I've been trying to get him to take food from my hand since we got him. There was a lot of...
  3. Christina Jones

    Help needed - difficulty taming & training

    Hi, I'm stuck in abit of a pickle with my illiger's macaw Chili and i'm honestly not sure where to go next as I have a few problems and the usual method's are not working. Any advice welcome. I had a Hahn's macaw (sadly passed away) for 8 years so i have some experience and understand the...
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