1. PinkV

    What would you do?

    Hi everyone, I've posted about this recently, but we lost our Rosella Mally a few days ago. I'm still in shock and I don't think it's fully sunk in, but me and my partner are having a lot of trouble deciding whether to get an autopsy. We don't have much money, the vet bills and cremation costs...
  2. PinkV

    General behaviour changes?

    Hello again everyone! It feels like I'm always asking for advice here 😂 my partner is very worried about our Rosella as he's been behaving strangely since we added a conure to our flock. Personally I think he's just become more reserved since the conure has a much more dominant personality. But...
  3. PinkV

    Is this something to be concerned about?

    I am really worried about this behaviour, is it normal? I've attached a video, of our Rosella Mally, he's never done this before, and I'm just trying to be safe. He makes no noises while doing this, and eats fine (I gave him a nut after this and he just ate it like usual). Is this something to...
  4. PinkV

    Adding another to the flock?

    So I already have a Rosella, and I've made good progress with him over the months we've had him. But the most he'll do with me or my partner is landing on us for treats. My partner had his heart set on a cute parrot that would love us 😂 so I feel so bad that I want to keep our Rosella, I don't...
  5. PinkV

    Small celebration for some progress

    I wasn't sure where to post this 😂 me and Mally, our Rosella, have made some progress recently. Finally managed to get him to land on my hand for certain treats :) it's only for brief moments but sometimes he'll linger, one time he bit me then walked up my arm before zooming off again 😂 Here...
  6. PinkV

    How to recognize behaviours?

    I have a Rosella, but I'm finding it very difficult to realize what his different behaviours mean. One thing he does is pacing, up and down perches mostly, but he does this in and out of the cage, and i can't find a common factor of when/why he does this. Another thing is he started dipping his...
  7. PinkV

    Just wanted to introduce myself!

    Hi! I'm Kate, or Pink, I'm 22 and a youth worker, and i live with my partner and our Rosella O'Malley/Mal :) We've had Mal around a month and I'm very thankful for everyones advice on here, and everyone's been so welcoming <3 if anyone else has Rosellas I'd love to hear tips about them as i...
  8. PinkV

    Losing interest too fast?

    Hi! So i have a Rosella, and i worry that they're getting bored :confused: their cage currently has a larger chewing toy (yellow rope and different coloured blocks) and at first they were all over it for days, but now they hardly ever chew on it. He also has a ball shaped rope toy to chew on...
  9. PinkV

    Need advice! Rosella taming?

    Hi! First post here, really need some advice, preferably from someone with personal experience taming Rosellas? I recently took in a rescue, my colleague said her husband found the bird in an abandoned house, in a cage, no idea for how long though- A blue Rosella. She said she did her best to...
  10. Marcia

    New Addition To The Family

    Meet our new addition to the family I woke up this morning after seeing this beautiful feathered friend yesterday and had to go back today I have no idea what sex she is yet but I keep calling her a her and both my african grey and my love bird turned out to be female She is from last year's...
  11. Scarf

    Parrot Psychology 101

    Garp is obsessed with running shoes. This is how we get her to eat her chop. 
  12. Scarf

    Catching A Spring Suntan

    Garp sitting on the bed behind my laptop while I work. She's a real little sun worshipper, I always worry that she will overheat, it's like she can't get enough of it.
  13. Scarf

    Garp Wages War On Running 1

    It is a standing joke in our house that Garp doesn't like me to exercise. Here she is standing guard over my running shoe, which she does on a regular basis: If you wear running shoes around her it's a sure-fire way of getting dive-bombed in a full-on kamikaze attack. You have to walk like...
  14. Scarf

    Retching Bird

    Help! Garp has just been on an antibiotic for a few days. Tonight I gave her some white sunflower seeds for a treat and she has been retching like crazy but not vomiting ever since. Really worried. Her poop looks normal and she does not look sick. She has never been a regurgitator. What's going on?
  15. Scarf

    Garpy Going Strong

    So little Garp got sick with Salmonella for the first time in January. We went through a nightmarish time where she relapsed several times and went through no less than four hospital visits where she was in ICU on a drip. The vet said she was not allowed to stay on antibiotics for more than 7...
  16. Scarf

    Does Anyone Know What This Call Means?

    Hi all, my Rosella Garp used to only make this sound when she was about to lay eggs but now she makes it all year round. Anyone know what it means?   <iframe width="420" height="315" src=""frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  17. malibu200786

    Why Has My Rosella Stopped Singing?

    hello wev had our rosella for 2 and half months , and about 2 weeks ago hes stopped singing and looseing feathers theres no bold patches but hes lookig a bit tatty . is this a molt there is new feathers but he still looks tatty. also we got a indian ringneck about a month ago hes in a seperate...
  18. malibu200786

    How To Tame A Rosella Parrot?

    hi i have a crimson / golden mantle hybrid rosella had him/her for about 2 weeks i bought milo from a pet shop so was kept with other birds and not hand raised . on the first day we got him we he was mad flying into everthing so we took him vets and they clipped one wing while we try to tame him...
  19. Tracey Harrington

    Rosella Owner

    hi all , any tips for taming Rosella's would be appreciated .they are not clipped and i do not wish to clip them .i am trying to clicker train them .i have only just got them to take food from my hand but this is going well.
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