rosella parrot

  1. PinkV

    General behaviour changes?

    Hello again everyone! It feels like I'm always asking for advice here 😂 my partner is very worried about our Rosella as he's been behaving strangely since we added a conure to our flock. Personally I think he's just become more reserved since the conure has a much more dominant personality. But...
  2. PinkV

    Adding another to the flock?

    So I already have a Rosella, and I've made good progress with him over the months we've had him. But the most he'll do with me or my partner is landing on us for treats. My partner had his heart set on a cute parrot that would love us 😂 so I feel so bad that I want to keep our Rosella, I don't...
  3. PinkV

    Losing interest too fast?

    Hi! So i have a Rosella, and i worry that they're getting bored :confused: their cage currently has a larger chewing toy (yellow rope and different coloured blocks) and at first they were all over it for days, but now they hardly ever chew on it. He also has a ball shaped rope toy to chew on...
  4. PinkV

    Need advice! Rosella taming?

    Hi! First post here, really need some advice, preferably from someone with personal experience taming Rosellas? I recently took in a rescue, my colleague said her husband found the bird in an abandoned house, in a cage, no idea for how long though- A blue Rosella. She said she did her best to...
  5. Did My Rosella Become Wild?

    Hello. So, I got my rosella in april of last year, he was 3 months old then. He was always a good boy. He wanted to climb onto my finger without training, thats a rare thing to see. Anyway, everything changed when I went on holiday for 2 months. I left him at my moms place. When I came back he...
  6. Lauren Smith

    Rosellas As Pets?

    Hi, I have been thinking about various things about birds in the future and I don't like the idea of jumping into large birds when I don't know if the Hepa filter will keep the larger birds dander away. I know I have jumped around with the idea of owning many different birds over my time on the...
  7. Amber Duff

    Help Me!

    Hey i got a rossella parrot about four months and the person that had her before us used to flick with towels and now shes scared of humans and won't talk atall she won't let us touch her? Please could you give me advise thanks.
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