1. veronika

    Air Purifier Or Humidifier?

    Hey guys! So my boyfriend and I got our 2 month old sun conure and we are now going to get either an air purifier or a humidifier. But, we're not sure which one is better for her. She sneezes a couple times a day (no discharge), but we're not sure if its because of dust particles in the air or...
  2. Gem

    Update On My Flock - Sirrocco And Cicely & The Finches

    Hello - it's Celeste and I again, So we got some finchy friends 2 weeks ago, who are doing well. I am learning more about finches which has been enlightening and involving. Celeste doesn't hate them, she's rather interested though she likes to watch them eating and does sort of lord it over...
  3. Gem

    A Second Parrotlet

    Hi Everyone, You may know Celeste and I, a very happy if messy pair who spend a lot of time on Youtube. Celeste is an American White female parrotlet. She's braver and braver by the day, hilarious, beautiful and clever. I have seen an ad on Gumtree and accidentally on purpose started to speak...
  4. Getting Lovebird Tomorrow, Please Read

    Hi, After a year and a half of research I have finally found a lovebird. It is 12 weeks old and I am picking it up 12pm tomorrow. Although I have researched, I still want to ask questions to clarify, and make sure the experience goes as smoothly as possible. First, let me tell you the...
  5. Hello From North Cornwall

    Just to say hello, please say hello back :biggrin:
  6. Bbowyer

    New Member... Again!

    Hello there!  I love animals, and am looking at getting a parrot/ small companion of my very own to keep me company and to simply enjoy! I was hoping that becoming a member on here may help me to locate a place to purchase my new friend possibly, as I am finding it very hard to know what...
  7. Liam Gibbins

    Hi Guys

    Hi guy's, I would like to introduce myself and a short introduction to how I got a parrot and my experiences up to now. Hello my name is Liam Gibbins i am 38 years old and a lover of all pets and animals and live in Kingston upon Hull, East Yorkshire, to be honest if I had the money I would...
  8. Squabbie

    My First Pet Birds

    I've taken in my first home pet birds, a pair of cockatiels :D The male is a normal grey bird and the female is pied. I realise that posting this is like going into a sports car club and telling everyone you have a Vauxhall Nova with a big exhaust but I'm really excited! I have rehomed these...
  9. Bronya

    New To Parrots :)

    Hi to everyone!!  I'm new to the forum and just wanted to introduce my self, My name's Bronya and I work with animals, I'm a reptile specialist and I also run my own 'Animal's in hand's' business educating people on the importance of animal care. I live in Birmingham and today I collected my...
  10. Hello From The Sidelines!

    Hi all, just signing in to say hi because we've joined the world of birds kind of accidentally - not through owning birds ourselves (though I have owned chickens for a few years!), but because as a new Animal Courier business, we've found to our surprise that rather than dogs or cats, we get...
  11. sharpey07

    Moving House

    Hi all just asking some more questions and hoping you can provide some useful answers.  The situation I am in at the moment is That after relocating back up to Yorkshire I am currently staying at my Mums house till I can get myself set up with my own home. My mum has 2 dogs and I was wondering...
  12. Bob

    Ruby's New Friends

    Ruby made some new friends today, anyone know who they are? :biggrin:
  13. Parrot_Bay

    New Parrot Supplies Business

    Hello & thank you for taking time to read this. We are a new business selling parrot products such as food & toys etc... And we are trying to get our name out there to let people know about us. Our aim is to be the Lancashire’s number 1 for parrot products & aim to match/beat any other price out...
  14. PaulP

    New Cage

    Yobbo has a new cage, problem, he wont go near it. I have filled it with toys, food and drink but he doesnt want to leave the top of his old cage. Should I let him decide when he will use it or grab him (with gloves LOL) and stick him on top of it? We have had the new cage setup next to his old...
  15. Bob

    Zuri's New Saying

    Is "Good morning potato" :laugh: :laugh: Love how they put words together :biggrin:
  16. Setanta

    Another New Member

    Hi All, I have been lurking for a few days and decided to introduce myself. I'm JP, Irish but living in Capetown via London ( where I spent 17 years). I have a small flock of ten Lovebirds ( mostly Fishers with a few Personatus), and also 8 Caiques. JP
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