1. StephMol

    In Loving Memory of Mickey 💖💖

    Hello everyone, I'm so glad I've found this forum and I am hoping I've found the right community of people to help .. My family Golden Blue Macaw, Mickey, suddenly and unexpectantly passed away on Saturday and my poor mum, Lisa, is in bits. Having a parrot for over twenty years is like having...
  2. We're new💎

    Adı Pasha. Daha bir yaşında. Çok enerjik, oynamayı ve yemeyi seviyor. Pasa hakkındaki tavsiyeni merak ediyorum. Hepinizi seviyor.❣
  3. Macaw wanted

    Hi, I am an animal enthusiast who wants to get a macaw, but over trying 2 weeks I’ve just been getting 75% scammers with google images sent to me. 5% over priced birds, and 20% people who aren’t really sure if they want to sell the bird the placed or are not responding. I have years of...
  4. MK CH

    Hi All

    Just a quick intro - I live in Milton Keynes and Ive had my blue & gold Macaw (male) for 19 years now, but I'm new to using forums - so pls bear with me. My b&g is fully flighted & usually has free reign of our living space when we are home so rather tends to take the whole place over. He is...
  5. Macaw Beak Irritation

    I brought home my blue and gold macaw today, everything going fine he's settling in nicely. Just recently maybe a good 15-20 mins ago he started showing signs of irritation in his beak, his foot itching there, crunching sounds whenever he moved the beak and he would use his wings to tap his...
  6. Hey There

    Hey, my name is Madi. In a few weeks i will be bringing a 3 month old Blue and Gold Macaw named Jinx. Everything is set up and prepared, now just to get Jinx home. I joined this site incase i may need advice on products, behaviours etc. I also hoped to make some new friends or acquaintances...
  7. Adele Currie

    Open Ring On Macaw...query

    hello, we took on our beautiful gold & blue Georgie last year as a rescue from a friend who saved him from an abusive home. As such we know very little of his background and only have an estimate of his age as around 5yrs old. He’s just been to the vet for nail trim & the vet gave his open ring...
  8. bigbluemacaw

    Blue And Billy - Hyacinth And Budgie Meet :-) Parrots Of The World Unite!

    So this is the meeting between my mothers Budgie (Billy) and our 4 year old Hyacinth Blue :) Just as well Blue wasn't hungry :) !!! Merry Christmas Everyone Daddy and Blue
  9. Blue And Gold Macaw Found Near Ashford, Kent

    We have a large blue and gold macaw in our garden - appeared today 23rd November.
  10. Lauren Smith

    Need Help Deciding If Can Get A Macaw In Late Future

    Hi i am new to the forum and i wanted to know from anyone about a problem i see all over the place for the future. at the moment i look after a male budgie indoors, even though he is not tame yet (he was gotten this September) he loves my company... i have started out with him because i am...
  11. One-Winged Macaw Introduced To 120 Others

    Hello, My one-winged blue and gold macaw will be "rehomed" with a group of 120 other blue and golds, but he's been living with us for almost 20 yrs and am afraid they will attack him - anyone have any experience or tips on how to introduce him? Alternatively, if anyone wants to offer him a...
  12. Hello

    Hi I would like to take this opportunity to say hello to all the members of the Parrot club and tell you a bit about myself.My name is Ken Morgan I am married and have 4 children that have left home and have a family off their own. The wife and myself live in a small country town in central...
  13. RachAndIago

    Iago's Diary

    Hello! I thought i'd keep a diary of Iago's progress ASAP since i only got him on Tuesday 11th November! If you didn't see my introduction post, this is Iago (Ee-Ar-Go) my baby Green Winged Macaw, hatched 6/6/14. I had nothing to do with his weening process, or even seen him before i bought...
  14. RachAndIago

    Stuck Between Cages.

    I'm soon to acquire a new forever family member, a large Green Winged Macaw. I have looked into a few cages, the larger the better of course, and along side his play stands, perches and jungle gyms that i already have for his time outside his cage i can't seem to make a decision on his home. If...
  15. Rhonda AKA Kensmrs

    Red Macaw Auction - Proceeds To Island Parrot Sanctuary Disabled Aviary Rebuild 2013 Project

    Hello I hereby start the auction for this beautiful handmade Red Macaw kindly donated by Katie in aid of the Disabled Aviary Rebuild 2013 Project. It took quite a considerable amount of time to make this Macaw as it is all sewn by hand - This auction will end two weeks from today, that is...
  16. Ara

    180 Scarlet & Great Green Macaws Are Being Evicted The Ara Project breeds Scarlet and Great Green Macaws to be released to fly free in the wild! We are a non-profit Costa-Rican organization with 180 birds which come to us as unwanted pets and wild birds found injured. These birds breed and their offspring are...
  17. Senegal, Hahns Macaw Or African Grey?

    Hi everyone, I am looking to add a new member to our clang but Im unsure which type of parrot would be happiest in our family so would welcome any recommendations/ advice please. We are a lively family with a nine year old son and a dog who thinks its a human. Thanks :@)
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