jenday conure

  1. niamhandori

    jenday/ sun/ sunday?

    So i’ve been questioning what Isla is again. I had a friend who got a bird from the guy i did and said they didn’t believe their bird was even hand reared with the way the bird acted. So i’m not sure if the guy was super genuine. Some believe believe she’s a sunday conure. others say jenday or...
  2. Bonnie

    Pellet Diet

    so I’ve been advised to move my jenday conure onto a pellet diet (he was born in November) I knew this was going to be difficult but my gosh... He’s in a foul mood and he’s not willing to try it... he’s biting.. just not happy I’ve squeezed an apple all over the pellets in hope that he’ll try...
  3. Bonnie

    I Need Help.. And Advice....

    I am a new parrot owner... I was wondering if there was anyone who lived relatively close who could come and see my bird and give me some advice on training and check out what I’m doing and how I can do it better... I want the best life for my bird and I feel this would be a good start :)
  4. Bonnie

    I’m A New Parrot Owner... Need Advice

    i have a Jenday Conure, it’s 4 months old... it’s bonded well to me, I’ve only had him over a week... he comes for cuddles, is confident and never gets shaken up by noises... But I’m just concerned... he doesn’t play with his toys, I’ve even sat for hours showing him how to play with them...
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