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  1. niamhandori

    new bird very off balance

    So Koji my cockatiel who i got yesterday seems much more friendly and comfortable today. He is taking millet from me and he even jumped on my fingers to take it which surprised me! The only thing i’m noticing is that he is extremely off balance and doesn’t like to walk anywhere and struggles...
  2. PinkV

    Need advice! Rosella taming?

    Hi! First post here, really need some advice, preferably from someone with personal experience taming Rosellas? I recently took in a rescue, my colleague said her husband found the bird in an abandoned house, in a cage, no idea for how long though- A blue Rosella. She said she did her best to...
  3. Bonnie

    Pellet Diet

    so I’ve been advised to move my jenday conure onto a pellet diet (he was born in November) I knew this was going to be difficult but my gosh... He’s in a foul mood and he’s not willing to try it... he’s biting.. just not happy I’ve squeezed an apple all over the pellets in hope that he’ll try...
  4. Bonnie

    I Need Help.. And Advice....

    I am a new parrot owner... I was wondering if there was anyone who lived relatively close who could come and see my bird and give me some advice on training and check out what I’m doing and how I can do it better... I want the best life for my bird and I feel this would be a good start :)
  5. Joeylew

    Correct Cage Size.

    Hello! I'm looking into getting a pair of Indian Ring necks and I was wondering what would be the minimum cage size for the 2 of them. I found plenty of info on housing one but can't find info on two. Thanks heaps!
  6. hannah smith

    Should I Be Concerned?

    Since my orange winged amazon began warming up to me, I've noticed a consistent behaviour. When I lie down on my bed to either watch something, nap, and especially when I'm ill, she flies over and perches on my arm near my head, she then continuously flaps her wings and fluffs her feathers...
  7. hannah smith


    Hi I'm here about my new orange winged amazon's ring? I'm not too sure how to and what to put it into to find out more about her, if anyone knows please contact or help me
  8. s.sulli

    New Bird Health Check Showing Problems

    Hi, I've become an owner of a 4 week old bronze winged pionus today who is currently nameless. Took it to the vets for a health check before bringing the little one home. This evening the vets called me with some of the results from the blood tests that they have done. Unfortunately it's zinc...
  9. Need To Rehome My Orange Wing Amazon :(

    Hello, I really need some help and advice. I'm sorry it's so long... I have taken the heartbreaking decision to rehome my beloved OWA and it isn't really a decision rather than a necessity for my family's safety. I have had him for 14 years, rescued from a breeder who kept him in filthy...
  10. Jodie Byram-Davies

    2 Year Old Male Sun Conure Taming/training Tips?

    Hello! I am new to this site as I have just recently, (two days ago), adopted a 2 year old male sun conure. I was hoping that someone would be able to advise me on how to go about taming and eventually training him. A little information about him: I acquired him from an older couple who had...
  11. Seizure

    Today my 18 week old baby Indian ring neck parrot had what I believe to be a seizure, she fell off her perch wings out and head tucked under her wing and was as you could say vibrating on the floor of her cage. I immediately got into her cage and grabbed her and she came back round and sat on my...
  12. Christina Payne

    New 4yo Indian Ringneck Hen

    Hi all, So about a month ago we bought a beautiful 4yo indian ringneck hen called jazz. She was however abused in a previous home, which has led to some negative behaviours, which include screeching / squaking when you go near her or her cage, attempting to bite through the cage ( it's not...
  13. Alicia Andrews

    Calcium & Vitamin D Deficiency.

    Hi guys. I had to take myQuaker Parakeet to the vet the other day and was told he has Calcium & Vitamin D deficiency to which I got given liquid calcium etc to give him everyday until he is fully on the harrisons potent food. He seems to be eating OK if I hand feed him, but since Monday he just...
  14. Nick Jr.

    Looking To Re-home Cilantro My Silly Senegal

    Hey everyone, I am in the Birmingham Area and need to rehome my beloved Senegal Parrot Cilantro urgently. My girlfriend's disabilities have progressed and she is no longer able to help me look after him, so it is with a heavy heart I have to say goodbye to CIlantro. We are located in Kings...
  15. 5yr Old Grey

    hi all . i have just bought an African grey who is 5yrs old. his cage was in an absaloute mess and he wasnt in that much great condition.having said that i still decided to buy him .he is fully tammed or should i say he was with the previous owner.i know they do take time to settle down.he is...
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