1. NikkiD

    Encouraging Hand Feeding...

    Hi everyone, so Gizzy has been with us now for 9 days and we are making slow slow progress. I’ve had the cage top open when I’m home and he has ventured out a couple of times - but only when nobody is looking! He’s even took a little look around on the floor and found his own way home when he...
  2. NikkiD

    Settling In.... Day 4

    It’s day 4 with our new family member Gizzy, and we’ve had a bit of a breakthrough. Today I’ve seen him eating twice! He’s a funny little thing cos he stops if I look at him... but I don’t people watching me eat either!! I know he’s been eating over the last few dats as I’ve seen the remains...
  3. Kendra


    I seem to have ended up with 2 of these so one is looking for a new home, anyone interested, free of course? It ill be week after next before I can post it so plenty of time.
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