1. New Owner Of Eclectus

    Hi, my family and I have adopted Ollie (10 years old)who is an Eclectus. He was with his previous owner for 7 years. We had a cockatiel, but Ollie is a whole new ball game! Today is day 3 and he is still extremely nervous which has me nervous and worried that he is ok. He was bred in captivity...
  2. Eclectus Female

    Hi all! Im looking to find a reputable breeder of eclectus parrots and im struggling to find any at the moment! If you could point me in the right direction that would be brilliant, i would love to have a female red side or solomon island to call my own so any help would be greatly appreciated :)
  3. blueplain

    My Eckie Fids

    There setup The new avery
  4. what is best cage for eclectus please?

    I was thinking of buying Angel skyline cage thanks in advnce.
  5. Average price eclectus parrot?

    I'm wanting to buy eclectus male but would be handy to know roughly prices from breeders. As been offered 12 week old from Graham Edward who has his own site £650.
  6. Aaron Duncan

    Eclectus Parrot Screams When Walking Away

    Every time my dad walks upstairs and the bird is in its cage, he screams off the top of his lungs. It's a very horrible screeching noise he makes and it goes right through you. He seems to get on the best with my dad and ok with my mum. But it's only when my dad walks away. He isn't too friendly...
  7. Wendi

    Sexy Mackenzie

    So, my baby is growing up
  8. Hello

    Hi I would like to take this opportunity to say hello to all the members of the Parrot club and tell you a bit about myself.My name is Ken Morgan I am married and have 4 children that have left home and have a family off their own. The wife and myself live in a small country town in central...
  9. Charlie Slaven

    Eclectus Breeders

    Hi there this is my first post  I am looking for a baby male eclectus, and haven't had much luck in finding a breeder, i don't really care how long it would take to get there (well maybe not too long haha)  just as long as it is a trusted breeder that have well socialised babies. i have been...
  10. Wendi

    Meet Mackenzie Aka Wee Green Chicken

    Hi all, Finally taking the time to formally introduce ma Wee Green Chicken. His proper name is Mackenzie, which means 'son of Ken' in Scottish (my dad's name was Ken). Hatched on 1 October, he's a precoscious wee soul, having already escaped the travel cage and unlocked the top of his main...
  11. Wendi

    Finding A Breeder Of Hand Reared Babies

    Hi all, I've been researching parrots for some time now, and I've noticed that breeders of hand reared birds are hard to find. When I've searched for breeders I've often found broken hyperlinks, or I don't get a reply from the email addresses :dntknw: Are there places other than the interweb...
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