1. Christina Jones

    Help needed - difficulty taming & training

    Hi, I'm stuck in abit of a pickle with my illiger's macaw Chili and i'm honestly not sure where to go next as I have a few problems and the usual method's are not working. Any advice welcome. I had a Hahn's macaw (sadly passed away) for 8 years so i have some experience and understand the...
  2. Pellet Conversion

    I have been trying to change my caiques seed diet to a healthier diet with vegetables in the morning and a high quality pellet in the evening. I have been having troubles changing her to the pellets. So far she loves the vegetables but seems to prefer seeds over pellets. The pellets I bought are...
  3. Connor Gibson-Leitch

    Advice About My Lovebird

    I recently recieved a lovebird from my neighbours as they could not have it anymore as it scared their dog, so I said I would take it as I have wanted a bird for years. It is not hand reared and dont think it was ever handled often. When I put my hand near the cage even extremely slowly, he will...
  4. Bonnie

    Pellet Diet

    so I’ve been advised to move my jenday conure onto a pellet diet (he was born in November) I knew this was going to be difficult but my gosh... He’s in a foul mood and he’s not willing to try it... he’s biting.. just not happy I’ve squeezed an apple all over the pellets in hope that he’ll try...
  5. Robert Wiczynski

    My Parrot Has Diarrhoea What Should I Feed Her.

    My budgie has diarrhoea and i have been feeding her millet spray and some watery fruit so that she has her fluids as she is not too keen on drinking. What else could I give her so she recovers? She is 6.6 years old.
  6. Hard Transition To Pellets

    I have an 11 month pineapple green cheek here. I adopted him from a woman around 3 months ago and noticed his wing feathers were green but brown at the edge /bottom. I felt it was strange but didn't think it was anything alarming. Now, he still has these and I believe they may be stress bars...
  7. Triss

    Nectar For Parrotlets?

    I bought some of this stuff on a whim... Would it be beneficial or harmful to my parrotlet? (Forpus coelestis species)
  8. Triss

    A Bit Of Everything?

    I feed my parrotlet on Harrison's pellets, cockatiel seed, (with the dreaded sunflower seeds included) as wide a range of fruit and vegetables as I possibly can (which I am fairly certain that she actually eats and doesn't just play with) and one of those cooked pasta and bean mixtures with...
  9. Scarf

    Toxic Foods For Parrots

    This list had a lot of things I didn't know about...
  10. Bronya

    Pellet Diet What's Your Favorite.

    Helllllllooooo my feathered friends :) hope were all well.  :thumbsup: So today's question is about pellets. It was with the help of Rob and Karen that I was able to provide Pauly with quality pellet diet from the start. I actually blame Karen for me ending up with a bird.. seeing all the...
  11. Bronya

    Cooked Or Raw?

    How do your guys react to raw over cooked vege? Surly to get the most out of greens it would be better to feed raw and to replicate a more natural diet? Ive been reading on a few fb sites that many people cook the vege to make it easy to eat.. now im not one for criticizing what others do, but...
  12. Popcorn Birdie Bread

    Ingedient list Popcorn, some coated in Palm Fruit Extract, soaked and boiled Maize, Ground Chillies, Pellet dust, One whole egg (including shell), Popcorn blitzed into a flour, it is very light and fine and tastes great, everything mixed together add water, and a little OACV finally add...
  13. Tina


    found a lovely ripe mango in the supermarket so thought i would introduce it poppy- she loves it :thumbsup: just wondering about the stone is it ok for her to chew on?
  14. Tina

    Ocean Spray Cordial

    I have an allergy to aspartame so most of the soft drinks on the market i have to avoid. But i have found a cordial that is traditional apart from modern preservatives. and this the Ocean spray cranberry and raspberry. A few weeks ago poppy stuck her head into my glass when i wasn't looking...
  15. Tina


    I am guessing that parrots are OK to have dates but what about the stones should i remove them?
  16. Tina

    Nuts Please Don't Laugh

    I bought some walnuts in there shells thinking they would be a thing that parrots would die for. but poppy wont touch them. she eats them in with her mix. I even opened one and left it on her play stand in its shell but she just screamed at it. do they eat the in the wild? Am i doing...
  17. Tina


    we bought a pineapple yesterday to share with poppy. i was just wondering whether i can give her the leaves to shred.
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