1. PinkV

    Adding another to the flock?

    So I already have a Rosella, and I've made good progress with him over the months we've had him. But the most he'll do with me or my partner is landing on us for treats. My partner had his heart set on a cute parrot that would love us 😂 so I feel so bad that I want to keep our Rosella, I don't...
  2. Bonnie

    Cage Advice

    I have a Jenday Conure, born last year... He’s been very ill but on the mend now, hopefully!! Noticed a few missing feathers on his chest which used to have a lot of critical care food on, I’m hoping these feathers have dropped out due to the damage of the food and he’s not plucking them. I’m...
  3. Bonnie

    Pellet Diet

    so I’ve been advised to move my jenday conure onto a pellet diet (he was born in November) I knew this was going to be difficult but my gosh... He’s in a foul mood and he’s not willing to try it... he’s biting.. just not happy I’ve squeezed an apple all over the pellets in hope that he’ll try...
  4. Bonnie

    I Need Help.. And Advice....

    I am a new parrot owner... I was wondering if there was anyone who lived relatively close who could come and see my bird and give me some advice on training and check out what I’m doing and how I can do it better... I want the best life for my bird and I feel this would be a good start :)
  5. Haka

    Looking For A Green Cheek Conure Breeder In North West England

    Hi All, I recently discovered what an amazing pet green cheek conures can be:budgie:, and have been heavily researching it to prepare myself for a new, hopefully lifelong friend. My issue is I've been struggling to find a reliable trustworthy breeder close enough to where I'm based (Bolton...
  6. GCC Dad

    Regaining Trust

    Hi everyone, My GCC is called Zuki and she is 7. She was tame when we got here and she settled in well. She has very different relationships with the 4 members in our family. She has seriously bonded with my eldest son (10) in the last year, sitting by him or on him most of the time. She is...
  7. Conure Sleeping In The Shed?

    I want to get a pet conure and I was wondering if it's okay to put a conure in a plastic shed JUST for sleeping. Once its morning I let it out and goes inside the house Thoughts and advice
  8. veronika

    Air Purifier Or Humidifier?

    Hey guys! So my boyfriend and I got our 2 month old sun conure and we are now going to get either an air purifier or a humidifier. But, we're not sure which one is better for her. She sneezes a couple times a day (no discharge), but we're not sure if its because of dust particles in the air or...
  9. veronika

    Sand In Bottom Of Bird Cage Safe?

    I've been looking into putting sand in the bottom of our bird's cage so we can just scoop the poop out, when we need to, instead of always switching newspaper. The sand the sell at pet stores is pretty pricey, and I wanted to find a cheaper alternative? We're getting a sun conure, and I'm not...
  10. veronika

    Vaccines For New Conure From Breeder

    Another question!! is it a requirement or a recommendation that you vaccinate your bird for the common diseases? We'd be getting a conure from a reputable breeder and it would be our first bird, so we wouldn't have to worry about infecting any other birds. What do you guys think? What's the...
  11. veronika

    Air Purifier For Conure?

    Hi !! I'm new here. My boyfriend and I are planning on getting a conure soon (hopefully)! We've been researching like crazy, but still don't know whether its a suggestion or requirement that you have an air purifier around where your bird's cage is. We're hoping to save money, so if we don't...
  12. Jodie Byram-Davies

    2 Year Old Male Sun Conure Taming/training Tips?

    Hello! I am new to this site as I have just recently, (two days ago), adopted a 2 year old male sun conure. I was hoping that someone would be able to advise me on how to go about taming and eventually training him. A little information about him: I acquired him from an older couple who had...
  13. Largest Cage For Green Cheek Conure

    What is the largest cage anyone can recommened for a green cheek? Large cages I've seen usually have a too wide bar spacing sadly. (Around 2-2.2cm)
  14. Evoriya

    Green Cheeked Conure Won't Stop Screaming

    Hello! 2 weeks ago we adopted a 12 week old hand reared baby green cheeked conure. We did our reading beforehand, so knew what we were getting ourselves into, but our little feathered friend will not stop screaming, and this is really taking its toll on us. When we are in the room with him, he...
  15. Coral

    Looking Cheek Conure

    Hi all :wave: From end of June/beginning of July onward I'll looking for a hand-reared (preferably tame) baby GCC. I'm based in the North West (Southport) but willing to travel for the right bird! Does anyone have any recommendations for breeders or pet shops? Thanks!
  16. Sun Conure Info?

    Hi everyone :) I might be getting a second bird, a five month old sun! I am aware of how loud they are since I already have a gold cap but I have heard that Suns vocalize a lot more and some may for hours a day. Can anyone with a sun tell me their experiences? Thanks! :)
  17. Second Bird

    Hi :) I've got a gold cap, Jade, she's a little over a year old and we are planning to get a second bird. I've heard that once people get two birds they begin to bond with each other and don't really want to spend as much time with humans anymore. Right now we are on vacation and Jade with with...
  18. Bruni

    How Often To Go To Vets?

    Hi everyone, I have really been asking a lot of questions on here! Thank you all for being so helpful When I got Basil the people I got him from told me I should only ever take him to the vet if something is wrong... but I read online and in one of the books I have on conures that it's good to...
  19. Bruni

    Combining Seeds And Pellets?

    Hi everyone, I've recently started giving my conure pellets as well as seeds (mostly because I've noticed that with the seeds he only eats the ones he likes and ignores the others, and I don't want to risk him not getting all of the nutrients that he needs) however he does enjoy seeds and I...
  20. Disco

    Hello From A Parrot Lover, Now In The Uk Looking For A New Baby...

    I have been lurking on the forums for a few days, and now finally decided to use the Intro forum... :bye: I used to live in Singapore where I kept a beautiful tame lorikeet called Disco. He was a confirmed boy (I had him DNA sexed) and had a fantastic life, but unfortunately decided to leave...
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