1. hollandgirl4

    Best cockatiel seed mix

    Hi all, Can anybody reccomend me the best seed mix for cockatiels please? I know seeds aren't great, but my two refuse hands down to touch fruit and veg completely and I have got them pellets (Hari Tropican Lifetime Pellets), but they're not eating anywhere near as much as they were, and...
  2. Tetchy_raffles

    Bird boarding

    Hi all! I wonder if you have any tips for me? I'm trying to find somewhere/someone who will look after my two cockatiels when we go away in future. I'd like them to board somewhere so they are not just stuck at home with a twice a day visit from a pet sitter. And I'd like whoever takes them to...
  3. Dee7

    Cockatiel lovers (rehomed)

    Hello, I live in Leicester and I rescued a cockatiel 7 months ago - he is beautiful, funny and has free-reign of our house - however, it's clear that he'd be happiest in the company of another cockatiel as well as humans. My mum has asthma and I will soon be leaving to London, so we're...
  4. Very loved, male cockatiel

    Hi, this is my first post. I’m really anxious and upset about writing this, so please be kind. I have a beautiful cockatiel named Leeloo. I have had him since he was a baby. He is 7 years old. He is tame.. sings, knows his name, and twirls for a treat. He loves giving kisses and makes beautiful...
  5. RodgetheDog

    Sad cockatiel

    Hello everyone I am new here!! I was wondering if anyone had some advice. I have a 8 month old Male cockatiel who I rescued from someone who wasn’t providing appropriate care for him... since I got him he is now in a huge liberta cage with lots of toys and mental stimulation. He is still a bit...
  6. niamhandori

    good news!

    I have some good news! Today i found the second clipped flight feather on my floor! i believe it’s koji my cockatiels one and hopefully kiya will start doing it too! it’s very exciting! soon they will be fully flighted birds!
  7. niamhandori

    budgies and cockatiels

    Can budgies and cockatiels live in the same cage? i’ve always wanted a budgie and if at some point i can get one id love it! it would be easier if my cockatiels could live with the budgie. my cockatiels are pretty chilled with other birds they also aren’t super bonded to each other but they...
  8. niamhandori

    kakariki info

    So i’m interested in learning more about Kakas i think they are so beautiful!! it’s unlikely i’ll get one since i don’t have space for a proper size cage (i could but it would be annoying because of space!!) they did say online they can live with cockatiels and budgies which i’m not sure is true...
  9. WildOne

    Cat and Bird

    My cockatiel drank a sip of water from one of my foster cats water bowl. Will he be okay??
  10. niamhandori

    cockatiels and other birds

    So someone told me cockatiel dust can be dangerous to conures is this true? i’ve never heard of this. i know a lot of people have these two birds with no problems. Koji and Kiya really aren’t dusty, at least i can’t see any. there cage doesn’t seem dusty and they don’t seem dusty to me when...
  11. niamhandori

    Cockatiel missing tail feathers

    So i did get Koji a friend! The new bird is in quarantine for the 30 days they are in separate rooms but i have already heard them calling to each other which i think is a good sign. on the photos from online (i went private in hopes of not clipping wings) they show the bird with long tail...
  12. niamhandori

    Getting another cockatiel

    I’m thinking of getting Koji a friend. I think he’d benefit from a little friend. Especially since he’s young still. So i’m thinking of letting them be in the same cage (obviously after the bird quarantine is over so they would have separate cages in case they didn’t along and for the...
  13. bpirockin

    Hi everyone - CAG home and temporary cockatiel owner from Kent

    I've had two CAGs in my life for over 30 years, first a wild-caught untamed female who was joined by my friend's boy whose husband became jealous of it. When I lost them within the space of a yer after 30 years I re-homed two males - separately and sex unknown at the time. These boys are...
  14. niamhandori

    bird not drinking

    Sorry to be posting so much but today I haven’t seen Koji drink. he’s going to the toilet fine and is eating well. he may have drank when i left him around 12pm but i’m not sure. i’ve tried giving him a bowl out of his cage where he likes be to. i’ve tried a bigger bowl. i’m just not sure how...
  15. niamhandori

    new bird very off balance

    So Koji my cockatiel who i got yesterday seems much more friendly and comfortable today. He is taking millet from me and he even jumped on my fingers to take it which surprised me! The only thing i’m noticing is that he is extremely off balance and doesn’t like to walk anywhere and struggles...
  16. niamhandori

    is it normal for a hand reared bird to not like me?

    so today i got my hand reared cockatiel. i brought him from a local pet shop that gets the babies from a breeder and then they sell them. i brought him home but he’s really scared of me. he keeps hissing at my fingers and he also doesn’t like to take food from me or treats. i’m not...
  17. PinkV

    Adding another to the flock?

    So I already have a Rosella, and I've made good progress with him over the months we've had him. But the most he'll do with me or my partner is landing on us for treats. My partner had his heart set on a cute parrot that would love us 😂 so I feel so bad that I want to keep our Rosella, I don't...
  18. Colourbotic

    Using a fake hand to get birds used to hands?

    So my tiels are lovely, but frightened. I feel like placing a fake hand in the cage would help them overcome their fear of real hands better. What do you all think? I'll go into more detail if needed on why I feel this would be best for my birds.
  19. Squabbie

    Bitey Cockatiel

    I have a new cockatiel that has simply stunned me with the levels of aggression he is displaying toward me. I have never had a male tiel before and had no idea they could behave like this. Pie (the name he came with!) is about 8-9 months old and was aviary reared. He has previously been kept...
  20. Jesse1071

    How Do I Train My Cockatiel?

    Hello all, So for a bit of backstory, have a 1 1/2 year old Cockatiel (Cisco) who I've had for around 6 months now. He wasn't hand tame when I bought him from a breeder if you need to know. Basically he wasn't able to be tamed in the first 3 months as the cage was too small so I just sat and...
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