1. ChurpyBirdy

    Searching for a Reputable White Bellied/Yellow-Thighed Caique Breeder

    Hello! I have been dead-set on adopting a hand-reared White Bellied/Yellow-thighed Caique as a companion bird for a few years now and am finally in a position to do so. I have done a lot of research and I feel comfortable with taking on the breed. The problem is, I can't seem to find any...
  2. Setanta

    New Caique Baby Wbc Hatched Last Night

    Hello Nik-Nak
  3. Setanta

    Caique Baby On Tour

    Power cut at home. So baby went to coffee shop for hot water to make handfeed Mix
  4. Setanta

    Caption Competition #105

  5. Setanta

    Cha Cha Laid Last Night

    Then bickered with Fingers over the egg for hours lol
  6. Setanta

    Thumper And Wife Say Hi

    Back in Capetown for the weekend. (car clutch died two K from home after a 12 hour drive lol) Anyhow here's Thumper and his paramour Diva He thinks he's human and she is wild. A match made in heaven lol
  7. Setanta

    Meet Mrs Thumper

    FIRST blurry pic of the new Mrs TFB! She arrives Thursday from exotic Durban. She's a year old and wild as a March hare lol THUMPERS GTC bride cost R10,000, or 17p in sterling lol @pally
  8. Black Headed Caique Showing Alot Of Aggression To The Males In My House.

    So about a month ago now I recently brought home a 2 year old black-headed caique parrot. Now originally I must admit, I was waiting on getting a Blue Ringneck for a couple of months and when I went to view some I saw Omi and I fell inlove and wanted to bring him home. So I didn't know too much...
  9. Psychotic Biting Episodes! 2 Year Old Caique

    Hey Parrot Friends! Having a bit of a sad situation with my 2 year old Black Headed Caique, Bodhi. I have had four parrots throughout my life, all with very different temperaments but Bodhi has been the most adorable, playful and loving parrot so far. He is well trained, shakes hands, steps up...
  10. Sophera

    Looking For Caique Parrots

    Hello, I am looking at bringing a bird in to my life soon, and i was wondering if people know of any one who breeds or sells Caique parrots, I have been doing my research and they seem to be what i am looking for in a bird, however i finding it difficult to find any, also any parrot owners...
  11. Setanta

    Away For A Year - No Bites!

    This is a thread for all those people who worry about leaving their birds for a few days. I left mine for what should have been a few months, but ended up being a year. No contact, no video calls, nothing. Yes the first few months were hell. I left their care to the SO and my EX, threatening...
  12. Black Headed Caique

    Looking for a black headed caique breeder (or will consider an older one if it's the right bird!) - I'm trying to find reputable breeders, and so far keep coming up short. Based in the South West, but have links up North so can travel anywhere within England really (Scotland is a bit far!). If...
  13. Setanta

    Thumper The Caique In Hospital

    Hi Gang, Havent posted in a while, its been a tiopsy turvy time. Im in the UK now, working on a contract in Manchester, so I hope to get a chance of meeting some people off this site, and their birds. My partner is looking after the flock at home in Capetown, as we approach breeding...
  14. Setanta

    Clean Up Or Redecorate?

    Baby Caique plus strawberries. Interior decoration opportunity?
  15. Setanta

    Orange Clothes Peg

    What we think they want: Expensive hand made wooden toys which they destroy in minutes What they ACTUALLY want - a couple of hours in the sunshine with an orange clothes peg you picked off the clothes line as you walked by ....Birdie Bliss! JP
  16. Setanta

    Mmmm Pears The mad hang having a blast
  17. Setanta

    How To Move A Hormonal Caique With A Net!

    Well, clearly you aren't going to use your HANDS! 1. Acquire a small muslin net with a short handle. 2. Show the net to the caique. 3. Caique leaps on, violently assaulting the net ( Note: no finger interaction here!) 4. Carry net with demon bird attached to empty flight. 5. Place net on...
  18. Setanta

    Setanta's Caiques - Boytjie ( Boychee)

    My name is Boytjie and I'm a deep thinker and philosopher. I often sits here and ponders the meaning of life and things. Well, what do you think I do in that cage all day, when I'm not wrestling Barbie Girl to the floor of the cage?.   For instance is the seed bin half full or half empty...
  19. Setanta

    Well Done To Paul And Sue!

    I would like to congratulate Paul and Sue for making the right decision with Peanut and Popcorn. I know a little ( and I mean that humbly) about caiques since I have 11, but the three new babies which arrived last Xmas are kept away from the flock for now. The introduction has to be VERY...
  20. Setanta

    Look Into My Eyes

    Yes look into my eyes! Look into my eyes, Not around the eyes, look into my eyes Yes, you're under! I did not steal your raspberry fondue!
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