1. BeeBee

    Avian Gastric Yeast/ Mega Bacteria

    Hi all Sorry to come on with a question after not being on much lately! Could anyone tell me what the latest recommended treatment for AVG is and where to get it? I know Megabac s can only be imported now? It is for a budgie (*who is under the vet and and had a number of tests and treatments...
  2. Gem

    My Friend Is Looking For A Baby Budgie Or Baby Cockatiel

    My friend is recovering from illness and she is in love with my parrotlets. She has said she would like to get a bird as a companion for herself. Her choice would be a budgie or a cockatiel. She has owned birds before but it was when she was a child, I am going to be the birds God-mum for if...
  3. Robert Wiczynski

    My Parrot Has Diarrhoea What Should I Feed Her.

    My budgie has diarrhoea and i have been feeding her millet spray and some watery fruit so that she has her fluids as she is not too keen on drinking. What else could I give her so she recovers? She is 6.6 years old.
  4. bigbluemacaw

    Blue And Billy - Hyacinth And Budgie Meet :-) Parrots Of The World Unite!

    So this is the meeting between my mothers Budgie (Billy) and our 4 year old Hyacinth Blue :) Just as well Blue wasn't hungry :) !!! Merry Christmas Everyone Daddy and Blue
  5. Lost Budgie In Chessington/surrey

    Hi there My blue budgie unfortunately has flown out the window. If you have seen him anywhere near Chessington Somerset Avenue in Surrey then please let me know. Thanks
  6. Trouble Introducing My New Budgie To My Cockatiel

    Hi, I have a cockatiel called Apricot who is about 10 months old and I have been his owner for 6 months. He is an extremely shy and nervous bird-- he's comfortable in my presence now and I'm slowly hand taming him by feeding him treats by hand. I just bought a new budgie 4 days ago called...
  7. Triss

    Picky Budgies...

    How can I encourage my budgies to eat more than just millet and trill? They're so fussy... Bless them. I keep offering green food and fruit but they're afraid of healthy food, it seems (a bit like me!) They're not tame or socialised to human contact, so I can't offer food from my hands.
  8. Triss

    Breeding Budgies

    Hi, long time no see! I recently acquired two young budgerigars, a male and a female. Their origins are a bit of a mystery as I "rescued" them from a display in a barber's shop window and neither of the pair has a leg ring. They eat trill and millet, love mineral blocks and cuttlefish bone. I...
  9. mikeabbott

    Jim The Budgie!

    Hello! I'd like to introduce you to Jim, the family budgie! Jim often comes out and has a few flys round the living room! He like to sit on people's heads but is mostly fond of myself. He sit in my shoulder a lot as I walk round the house, we also chat and give kisses! He often enjoys...
  10. Luthien

    Budgie Issues

    Hey guys! Is there anyone out there that is familiar with Budgies? I'm the bigger species of the Avians so I wouldn't have a clue   :tongue: Here's the deal my parents have 2 budgies, a male and a female. They've recently become sexually mature and they have laid 3 batches of eggs, none of...
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