1. Eclectus Female

    Hi all! Im looking to find a reputable breeder of eclectus parrots and im struggling to find any at the moment! If you could point me in the right direction that would be brilliant, i would love to have a female red side or solomon island to call my own so any help would be greatly appreciated :)
  2. James12

    Plastic Bird Bath Or A Wired Version?

    Hi everyone. I'm just thinking what type of bird bath everyone likes? I'm thinking of getting one and wanted to know if they was any great differences between the two?
  3. nigelparrot

    Parrot Behaviourist London

    Hi everybody and sorry for not contacting moderators/administrators before creating this topic. Unfortunately I couldn't find an option for PM, but if this topic is against theparrotclub's rule then please do no hesitate to delete it. Let me tell you about myself a little bit as a short intro...
  4. Hello From The Sidelines!

    Hi all, just signing in to say hi because we've joined the world of birds kind of accidentally - not through owning birds ourselves (though I have owned chickens for a few years!), but because as a new Animal Courier business, we've found to our surprise that rather than dogs or cats, we get...
  5. Calling All Parrots With Talent!

    Is your parrot the next Youtube sensation? Does your parrot singing better than Mariah Carey?! We have an exciting opportunity and would love to hear from anyone who thinks that their parrot could be the next "big thing"! To find out more, please get in contact using the details below...
  6. Need Help Regarding Identification Of My Birds ( Lovebirds Or Budgies )

    few days ago, after saving Mili from stupid crow, who was trying to kill her, i planed to take care of mili... very next day, i visited pet shop and the pet seller told me that these are love can any one of you please help me to identify weather they are love birds or...
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