1. NikkiD

    Settling In.... Day 4

    It’s day 4 with our new family member Gizzy, and we’ve had a bit of a breakthrough. Today I’ve seen him eating twice! He’s a funny little thing cos he stops if I look at him... but I don’t people watching me eat either!! I know he’s been eating over the last few dats as I’ve seen the remains...
  2. Barlachee

    Birdie cat-walk (Photo heavy)

    So I was tidying the kitchen last night after cooking, when Zeus decided he wanted to see where I was and flew in (Well sort of crash landing on the stairs) shortly followed by Nimbus because he cant go anywhere without Zeus nowadays.  I thought it would be rude if I didn't take photos for you...
  3. Barlachee

    Indian Ringneck And Alexandrine Breeders Nw England

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know of a good breeder in the northwest of England? I have an IRN and a Alexandrine that I collect on Friday.  I have struggled to find a breeder which is why I have had to get from a pet shop. All I could find is these back street breeders who sell on pre-loved etc...
  4. Barlachee


    Hi everybody, Just a quick introduction of myself. My name is Scott, I have a 12 month Indian Ringneck and I pick my Alexandrine up on Friday 25.09.15, I just cant wait. All advise would be welcome and will be looking for tips on taming and training and hopefully next year I will start to...
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