1. Libbiheath

    Barney’s first few days at his new home

    I can’t even begin to describe how amazing and awesome this bird is! when I first got him I realised a few things: 1. He doesn’t like hands AT ALL, but will happily sit on your shoulder. 2. He has a slight addiction to apples. 3. He’s a Very visual learner. He absolutely hated the clicker I...
  2. Libbiheath

    Juno update and an Unexpected new addition to the family

    Heya, Since my last post about Juno, I just wanted to do an update. I am pleased to say he is almost back to full health! He’s chirping, playing and flying about, his weight is still quite low but everyday I’m weighing him and still giving his medication until the course is over. He’s steadily...
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