1. Hi, Recommendations Please

    Hello, I have come here wondering if anyone knows a good bird shop which will allow you to hold and meet birds as I am researching birds as pets and am considering owning one. However I have never actually met or held a bird and would like to do so before making any commitments or decisions...
  2. ThomasE

    Intorduction, New To Parrot Care Advise Appreciated

    Hi, So I am Thomas I am 22 and I am very new to caring for a parrot. I will list below the things I am doing etc. I would appreciate some feedback or advise on things I may be doing wrong or could work on. I have recently purchased a sun conure as my first parrot. His Name is ollie. He is 4...
  3. sharpey07

    Hello All

    Hi everybody I am in the West Yorkshire area of the Uk and I have been seriously thinking recently that I would like to take on the responsibility of having a bird. I am a single guy who has no other pets and no children and I was wondering if anyone could advise me on a good species to look out...
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