1. niamhandori

    More black feathers on isla

    Sorry to post twice 😂 so another thing i noticed after coming back is isla looks to have more black feathers at the end of her wing feathers. i’ve heard that’s a vitamin deficiency. Before i went she didn’t have them this bad at all. she had a very small amount that weren’t that noticeable...
  2. niamhandori

    Isla is very nippy!

    So Isla is my conure! the one we weren’t sure if she was a jenday or sun or a hybrid. Well firstly she now has two yellow feathers on her wings which is interesting! Onto my little problem. She is veryyyy nippy. she is only trying to play she’s not actually biting or trying to hurt she’s just a...
  3. niamhandori

    can this be used in chop?

    i’ve seen people do this and i found this and wondered if i could add it by sprinkling it on top of the chop and adding it. wasn’t sure if i was safe or not to use in this way
  4. niamhandori

    is this hormones??

    So today i was watching a video on youtube and someone said that their bird would lift up their wing and then regurgitate on her. The other day i also saw a vid saying that their bird was lying down with beak up in the air. Both those things is what Blaise does. i didn’t think it was hormones...
  5. niamhandori

    what’s this?

    got my new pack of seeds for training with the birds. There is something in it and i’m not sure what it is. i’ve never brought seeds that aren’t meant for birds online so maybe that’s why but i wanted to check it was alright to use what if i should wash it first?
  6. niamhandori

    What should be the max temperature for the backpack?

    So as we know i have a backpack for the birds! Blaise and Isla are the two that use it the most. Tomorrow it’s my birthday and we are planning on going on a walk! somewhere pretty near but still like a 25 minute drive. So i think i’ll take Isla because she’s been in the car more and does...
  7. niamhandori

    bird cages by windows?

    So i’ve heard bird cages shouldn’t be by a window. Since Blaise’s cage is bigger now it’s pushed Isla’s cage right by the window. I have no other space in my room or her cage because my room is pretty small and my bird cages are pretty big. It’s hard to find another space. we also have cats so...
  8. niamhandori

    baby food?

    thinking of using some baby food for harness training with blaise. is this one alright and safe to use for treats?
  9. niamhandori

    camomile in veggies?

    I heard someone said they put camomile in their birds chop because it helps to keep them calmer. I thought that was a good idea as Isla i believe is testing the boundaries with the flock and myself. i think she’s trying to be on top! Blaise doesn’t like her much and of course they are now...
  10. niamhandori

    Isla is obsessed with my phone!!

    Isla my sun conure is obsessed with my phone 😂 She’ll fly straight over and eat it! She’s cost me about 6 new screen protectors over the past month and a bit! Not sure if this is a habit i can train out? I try distracting her with her favourite foot toys but if she sees my phone she’ll go for...
  11. niamhandori

    When should i book Blaise in for a nail trim

    I’ve had Blaise my cape parrot a week now! i’ll attach more photos because she’s so beautiful! Her nails are very sharp and it’s often scratching my arms and even drawing blood at times since they are so sharp. I’m afraid to do it myself since i tried with Koji and ended up with him getting a...
  12. niamhandori

    How many hours should a cape be out

    So as you know now after what happened with Isla i won’t be letting Blaise out with them unsupervised. When i’m in there i can let them all out unless i’m interacting with Blaise since isla gets jealous then. I’m trying to figure out a good set time table really for them to all get a good amount...
  13. Please HELP! Any advice appreciated!

    Hey everyone :wave: ! I'm new here, my name's Estella and I'm close to bringing home a sweet little cockatiel ! I stumbled across this forum and decided to join :). I have a a question about housing... I have narrowed down the cages down to two- Option 1 (Yaheetech)-...
  14. niamhandori

    ggc bites

    i’m wondering does the GGC biting get any better? Emi is my GGC is about 6/ 7 months old. She’s amazing and very sweet most the time! She often fluffs up in that aggressive way and she’ll charge at me making her angry noises as i call them! then she’ll bite me. she won’t let go most the time and...
  15. niamhandori

    are bird backpacks safe?

    so i’ve been trying harness training but i’m not very good at putting it on quickly. Isla gets to the point where she’ll happily put her head through the hole and and wings in sometimes but i can’t tighten it fast enough and she gets stressed. so i had to cut it off her today because she was...
  16. elliean


    hello! i’m planning on getting a budgie and i wanted some advice. what size cage is best in cm or inch? is the large vision cage good? would you recommend one or two budgies? how long to they take to tame? i’m ones i looking at are apparently hand tame. the budgie or two would be living in...
  17. niamhandori

    budgies and cockatiels

    Can budgies and cockatiels live in the same cage? i’ve always wanted a budgie and if at some point i can get one id love it! it would be easier if my cockatiels could live with the budgie. my cockatiels are pretty chilled with other birds they also aren’t super bonded to each other but they...
  18. niamhandori

    Conure tail feathers

    How long do green cheek conures tail feathers take to grow? This morning i was doing my make up as normal and i stepped back only a little and i stepped on Emi. my heart dropped and i felt so bad. she’s lost a lot of her tail feathers and i feel awful but she’s completely fine. she forgave me...
  19. niamhandori

    kakariki info

    So i’m interested in learning more about Kakas i think they are so beautiful!! it’s unlikely i’ll get one since i don’t have space for a proper size cage (i could but it would be annoying because of space!!) they did say online they can live with cockatiels and budgies which i’m not sure is true...
  20. niamhandori

    getting my conure a friend

    So Emi my green cheek is lovely! she’s very playful and active. she always wants to play with the other birds but they are very calm so i think Emi annoys them sometimes but they don’t really care. Emi always wants to play out her cage no matter how longs she’s been out for. i’ve tried...
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