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  1. Caption Competition Number 10

    Whaddaya mean its been sent by Amazon???? Do I look like an Amazon???????
  2. Hi Newbie Here

    Many thanks for the warm welcome. Jenna is currently roosting but I'm sure she will be up and about tomorrow and making my life that much brighter and keeping me on my toes lol Martin and Jenna
  3. Hi Newbie Here

    A more "normal" pose lol
  4. Hi Newbie Here

    I believe she was trying to hypnotize me.... Or getting ready to pounce lol
  5. Hi Newbie Here

    Hi and thank you for the welcome Am having trouble loading pics for some reason. Working on it  Martin
  6. Hi Newbie Here

    Hi everyone Martin here New and looking to improve the life of my moody Senne  :biggrin: Like everyone who has any kind of additional family member I would like to know more about her.  She's about 5 years old, and I've had her for around 4. I was given her by a friend who rescued her from...
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