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  1. Michael Reynolds

    Monday 18th November

    Good morning every one, looks like another dry day ahead as the sun is out. birds are very active and now tucking into there fruit and veg. I have not got any special plans for today so its cleaning and getting things ready for tomorrows hospital visit. yet another MRI scan to check on the...
  2. Michael Reynolds

    Saturday 9th November

    Good morning all. getting colder each day now, but it is not raining so far. birds are all happy being quite noisy at the moment. went in to town could not find any place to park as each of the car parks was full. I hope you have a good day today
  3. Michael Reynolds

    Sunday 3rd November

    Good morning every one, its a sunny and dry start to the day, birds are all in high voice and demanding my attention as usual. have nothing special planned for today apart from cleaning and tidying up. Having a day in with the flock I hope you all have a great day. keep an eye on your...
  4. Michael Reynolds

    Wednesday 23rd October

    Good morning every one, looks like another dry day although colder and cloudy, birds are all showing there different voices, I have a day that I do not have to go out so birds are in for a treat with cuddles and cleaning all day. they are already sounding excited. I hope you all have a good day
  5. Michael Reynolds

    African grey looking for a new home

    @Barbara Hello and welcome, I have started this post for you, if you can give as much information as you can including the area you live, I am sure a member will be able to help
  6. Michael Reynolds

    Sunday 20th October

    Good morning every one, dry today I hope, all the flock are happy and very active, got a busy day today and picking up my Terry later to stay with me for a week. have a good day
  7. Michael Reynolds

    Wednesday 16th Octaber

    Good morning every one, well the sun is out but its behind the clouds of rain so I cannot see it, I should have most of the day with out having to go out so a good day with the flock. I want to get the cages jet washed but I think I will see if it improves later or tomorrow. I have not fed...
  8. Michael Reynolds

    Sunday 13th October

    Good morning every one, well its another damp day, lot of rain overnight as well, I was going to be out this morning but owing to the weather that has been cancelled. all the flock are ok but a little quiet at the moment, that makes a change but it is dull out so I find the weather out side...
  9. Michael Reynolds

    Sunday 6th October

    Good morning every one, well it has been raining hard over night but now that yellow thingy is in the sky, birds sound happy this morning all singing away. I have to go out shortly just to pick up some dry feed for the flock and then make certain that every thing is in place and ready if I...
  10. Michael Reynolds

    Indian ringneck

    @chlo welcome to the parrot club, I thought it will be better to post you question here as it is better for me to help you and other members can give there advice, How long have you had Him/her? do you know how old He/she is? what is your birds name? can you post a photo? so you want help...
  11. Michael Reynolds

    Tuesday 24th September

    Good morning all, well its a very wet start to the day in Kent. Birds are all chirping away and the gang are busy racing each other. did not get as much done yesterday as I planned but I am having a full day indoors and with the flock. I hope you all stay dry as you can, have a good day...
  12. Michael Reynolds

    Sunday 15th September

    Good morning all, its a little cooler out side but with clear sky's over night that at this time of year is only expected, its a sunny start and I think its going to get very warm as the day gets on, Flock fed and showered, Poppy laid another egg this morning so in extra demand for my...
  13. Michael Reynolds


    Sadly I have to say Alan my disabled Orange winged Amazon has passed away in my hands. He fitted earlier and fell to the bottom of his cage, I cannot say how sad I am feeling but I now I have done all I can to give him a better life. he was dealt with many a bad deal from birth, I did not...
  14. Michael Reynolds

    Saturday 7th September

    Good morning all, dry with broken cloud allowing the sun to show its face at times, Ruby the grey was spotted again yesterday just down the next turning from me, I cannot say how much time I have spent trying to spot her but I know she is there by one wolf whistle the over day. how I will...
  15. Michael Reynolds

    Wednesday 4th Sepember

    Good morning all, chucking it down at the moment or as may Dad would of said , its raining cats and dogs. birds are all fine and in voice mode, I will be looking forwards to Rob and Kate's visit, just got a few jobs to get on with regarding an air lock in the pipes. have a great day
  16. Michael Reynolds

    Wednesday 21st August 2019

    Good afternoon every one sunny out at the moment, all the birds are very active, and making lots of noise, I am helping my neighbour out so they can hear me and see me at times, just came in for a cuppa and noticed no morning post, hope you and birds are all well have a good day, dash is...
  17. Michael Reynolds

    Sunday 18th August

    Good morning every one, its a dry start hear in Kent, its a bit of a mad morning at the moment with the flock doing there whistles and calls and me just acting an idiot) entertaining them all. the gang are being very good as there leader George (Green cheek) is just sitting with snowy and...
  18. Michael Reynolds

    Saturday 17th August

    Good morning all, dry at last out with thin cloud, birds are all in fine voice and full of energy, I will be picking up the car later from my mechanic. well Bobbie is doing his regurgitation on my hand so I put him back on his cage, Cash is busy eating but there cages are open. hoping Cash...
  19. Michael Reynolds

    Thursday 15th August

    Good morning all, its another wet start again, well birds are all fine (sorry Kate I forgot to plug in my phone so I will post photos of your boys later) dish washer decided to light up like a Christmas tree and stop working so I have to find out why. the gang are in full flight having there...
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