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  1. Choxs

    Blue And Gold Macaw.

    Thanks Roz
  2. Choxs

    Blue And Gold Macaw.

    No. I assume he was boy but, never had him tested.
  3. Choxs

    Blue And Gold Macaw.

    Thanks you two. I have cried and fought against it but, its versed against the deterioration of everyone else's health.
  4. Choxs

    Blue And Gold Macaw.

    I have come to the decision that I will have to re-home my Baby 'Popeye'. (18 I think) I am currently in a position where I am doing to much caring with my parents becoming unwell, and a partner with multiple sclerosis, sister with intellectual disability. I also have a house with flats. I have...
  5. Choxs

    Hi All - New Parrot Owner Here

    Welcome Luke....
  6. Choxs

    How To Bath Untamed Birds?

    I took Pops in to the shower everyday for weeks. I would show him the shower on and off, get him to perch on the sink and cabinet. Finally, I practiced taking my clothes off while he fidgeted with me pulling things over my head. I did then shower him about twice to three times a week however, he...
  7. Choxs

    Any Free Flyers Here?

    OMG...........What a stunning birdy. I did start taking Popeye out and free flying him. We had some wonderful days in this little park near me and sitting outside..... I don't won't to be the bearer of bad news though, but...... I use to sit with him in my garden a lot. And, one afternoon a...
  8. Choxs

    Green Tomatoes - Need Ideas

    I use my green ones in a soup.... You can freeze it too. Taste nice.
  9. Choxs

    Saturday 2nd September

    Yeah......the Autumn is nearly here. Conkers and leaves on that pesky lawn to pick up all the time:emoji_palm_tree:..... People are still in the water on Southsea seafront. You do get maddens though:eek:.......I only go there for exercise. Nice to here from you lot daily.... Love Choxs n POp's...xx
  10. Choxs

    Our African Grey

    Hey Jay...........Nice to meet you. Love in = love out Goodness in= good plumage out The more attention regular= the decrease in plucking Don't expect a recovery overnight, give it three years or so. Take meals with the bird and share different foods. Don't worry too much about the crap food, at...
  11. Choxs

    Sunday 27th August

    Hello Everyone, Hope you guys are okay. Another birdy day in paradise. The Victorious festival is underway and very noisy. I'm going to have a shandy and sit in the garden listening... Best Wishes, Daz N Pop's xxx
  12. Choxs

    What A Relief

    Hi Denzarki, Nice to meet you......Choxs and Popeye
  13. Choxs


    Its a big Hello....:aplastao: from Popeye and Daz.......:budgie:
  14. Choxs

    Sadly Rehoming Marley

    Hello.............ive woken up. What type of parrot is Marley? Is he the beautiful conure in the photo...... I will mention it to my selective connections. How much is he with everything?
  15. Choxs

    Happy Birthday Choxs

    Do you know, Toms mum, that he has been with me for nearly two years now. He has becoming a much more settled bird now, and makes a lo less noise. I prune him, pluck his unopened down candles out when there old and grey, and we are happy together. His plucking under his wings is not fully back...
  16. Choxs

    Happy Birthday Choxs

    Hi Guys and dOLLS............Thanks for remembering us. Had a nice day in the garden with dinner and beer. POPs came out in the garden, but didn't fly off this time. Best wishes, Choxs.....:budgie:
  17. Choxs

    Need Help Deciding If Can Get A Macaw In Late Future

    Hi Lauren, Nice to meet you. I am Darren and Have a macaw called POpeye......x
  18. Choxs

    Forever Home Needed For My Best Friend.

    We are so pleased everything worked out for you...... Darren and Popeye...x
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    Its only me..
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