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  1. Michael Reynolds

    Apple seeds ?, ive always avoided but ?

    well its like Rio as Blue asked for a chocolate drink and gets it
  2. Michael Reynolds

    The Lost Cockatiel Ludo

    let hope Ludo finds its owners soon
  3. Michael Reynolds

    Fussy African Grey

    Its a lovely photo of your bird enjoying its meal
  4. Michael Reynolds

    Head twitching/wing flicking

    When a few of my flock dream they flick there wings but Malcolm the bird in my current avatar (King parrot) has a more prominent twitch and has had this from birth, he is fine though
  5. Michael Reynolds

    Ollie wants a cracker!

    I cannot have a midnight snack with out my birds wanting some even at the moment I have six flock members in my bedroom
  6. Michael Reynolds

    FOUND Bird Unknown - Other - Birmingham West Midlands B29 - 13 Aug 2020

    metal ring says camp raven, must be one of there birds
  7. Michael Reynolds

    Hi newbie Here

    I will recommend the RSPCA
  8. Michael Reynolds

    The experiment

    I did not assume any thing, I was asking what other solution you would make, keeping both birds as happy as possible and keeping them both with company they know. as far as stress have you ever thought why are birds in the wild are not plucking feathers of there partners, it takes me about...
  9. Michael Reynolds

    Flight cage/avairy

    Hello and welcome, thank you for your imput Steph
  10. Michael Reynolds

    The experiment

    I am sorry you fill that way Tasha but something had to be done for it was heart breaking watching Gilbert senior getting his feathers pulled so badly they needed to be apart either at yav's place or at mine. this way both will not be on there own so the affects are less likely that they miss...
  11. Michael Reynolds

    Poor Hen-pecked Gilbert......

    I have started another post on the subject but members must understand how close we are both monitoring the birds involved. this is not being taken lightly by either of us as the birds best interest all around is our concern
  12. Michael Reynolds

    The experiment

    there was a few reasons that I had not mentioned and this was to see if both will settle down including the chicks, Fred was not being kind to young Gilbert once he had his injury and I was going to split them up so young Gilbert could progress as Fred was being a bully and stopping Gilbert...
  13. Michael Reynolds

    Thursday 13th August 2020

    another hot one in Kent shower time for the flock shortly
  14. Michael Reynolds

    Tomsmum - Judith Templeman

    Jude is certainly missed how like our birds time fly's and I do wish her family well
  15. Michael Reynolds

    The experiment

    As some of you know I have been helping Yav and taken on Fred and Gilbert Jnr as there mother was plucking them. well they are both weaned and although Gilbert Jnr did land badly a few weeks ago he is now using both legs being that he still has a slight limp. There Dad Gilbert a yellow napped...
  16. Michael Reynolds

    Ollie wants a cracker!

    Spoon feeding him well he knows how to control his slave Ha Ha, I have to keep my biscuits in my bedroom my flock will find them if I put them in a cupboard,
  17. Michael Reynolds

    Ollie's.... "Singing"

    opps video blocked
  18. Michael Reynolds

    Hi newbie Here

    @niamhandori your bird is a jandaya I will guarantee it
  19. Michael Reynolds

    Wednesday 12th August 2020

    That is very kind of you Zoe, and I am certain that the birds will help to make some one happy and give them a reason to want to live
  20. Michael Reynolds

    Wednesday 12th August 2020

    I have been donated two Budgies that I will be picking up Friday, vets already booked for them and if I can train them down to step up they will be for the companion bird for the elderly side of the work I do. I have also had a home in Folkstone that has shown interest in the work I do that has...
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