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  1. Zak

    Tuesday 25th September

    Good afternoon feather-hearts! I haven't been here in AGES but definitely haven't forgotten this lovely forum.. in between a new job role, fast-growing Children, puppy turning into dog, parrots through their different phases, cricket captaincy etc. there isn't much time to spare! I wish you all...
  2. Zak

    Mixing Birds

    I hope nothing changes after I type this (touchwood!), but I've got George the CAG and Harley the OWA living in the same cage. They somehow self-chose this situation since whenever I would open them they would go into the same cage and it was a mission getting (mainly George) out to get into his...
  3. Zak

    Free Cage For Collection

    Hello, my parents have an infrequently used cage that is free to a new home if someone's looking. This has been kept outdoors so has seen better days, but is still usable with some TLC. It's been used in the past by the birdies to get some outdoor time on warm sunny days. Located in Blackburn, a...
  4. Zak

    Friday 16th February

    Thank you for sharing @plumsmum
  5. Zak

    Monday 19th February

    :emoji_laughing: @Ararajuba Happy Birthday to your little one!!! I hadn't thought about the infection going from humans... we have had loads of footfall over the school break and very likely one of the kids could have brought home something. And WOW - your puppy is more than a handful! Hope...
  6. Zak

    Monday 19th February

    Good morning!!! Raining here this morning as schools reopened, but it was a lovely bright weekend. I had an eventful weekend... I have to get Harley's ointment applied to his eye twice a day, and he HATES being manhandled. So, as I had done for the first time successfully with the vet on Friday...
  7. Zak


    I normally keep the 3rd bowl as a 'special one' that would have the fruits/veggies/nuts/treats... The only pattern is that that gets given in the morning and is removed by afternoon. Water is normally changed twice a day, unless someone's decided to poop, dunk food or or bath in it. Dried food...
  8. Zak

    Friday 16th February

    Hello again everyone... oooh I remember listening to some street artists in Prague Wenceslas Square playing these drums and it was so fascinating! Turned out they were music students at a nearby university who got together to do this every now and then. Just a quick update on Harley, the vet...
  9. Zak

    Thursday 15th February

    Thank you @Heather2131 ... the problem is that he'd been scratching that area and made the skin around his eye tender and red. It has got better since yesterday, but I keep giving it a clean whenever I can. Taking him to the vet later today to see if there's anything more needing to be done.
  10. Zak

    Friday 16th February

    Good morning! It is sunny, but cold here... actually quite a beautiful morning. I gave Harley's eye another clean this morning (this time a proper one) with Aloe Vera water. Harley's eye is improving, but not at the pace I would like so just to be on the safe side I'm taking him to the vet this...
  11. Zak

    Thursday 15th February

    Thank you for your recommendations @JessCheekyMia and @RoyJess . I will try and give Toll Barns a call tomorrow to get some advice and take him in if necessary... I hoep I can get an appointment. Harley's eye is so much better than it was this morning. Nonetheless, I tried giving it another...
  12. Zak

    Thursday 15th February

    Hello everyone, it's bright and sunny here but Harley woke up this morning with a teary eye which he was constantly scratching. Upon closer inspection it turned out to be a feather or some foreign particle in that eye which seems to be irritating him. So, I had to bite the bullet and get my...
  13. Zak

    Wednesday 14th February

    Happy Valentines Day!!! I've missed being here, and ashamedly even forgot my password :emoji_disappointed: but that's the state of my life for the last few months... work has been beyond hectic. I'm not even going to try and back-read all the posts to catch up but I trust that all the...
  14. Zak

    Free Rainforest Santa Marta Cage

    It was lovely to meet you and your flock @Bradders. Thank you for the cage, it will save me a lot of dismantling and assembling time in our trips up here. Have a lovely long weekend!
  15. Zak

    Friday 25th August

    Good afternoon feather-hearts! We finally got up to my parents close to midnight yesterday after having one diversion after another due to roadworks. I missed the 9PM (?) window for roadworks to start. Had an early morning with Bruno and the Feather, then went back to sleep and woke up close to...
  16. Zak

    Free Rainforest Santa Marta Cage

    We've finally made it up here! Sorry for the delayed reply but we missed the 9pm window to avoid the lovely diversions thanks to road works on the M62. I think it should fit in our car and perfect if tomorrow works for you as well. I will PM you to coordinate. Thank you!
  17. Zak

    Free Rainforest Santa Marta Cage

    Hi @Bradders if nobody's asked yet we'd be interested in using this. Instead of hauling ours everytime we go up to my folks, we can set this up there for ours when we visit. I can collect tomorrow if it suits you...
  18. Zak

    Thursday 24th August

    Sorry to hear that @dianaT ... what a sad and unpleasant experience :emoji_cry:. Our thoughts and wishes with you and your neighbour who lost her cat. I've been off this forum for ages - the usual reasons, Term break, Bruno, Feathered Rulers, Work and Travels. I am due to be changing job roles...
  19. Zak

    What's For Tea Tonight?

    Come on... I just had lunch and hour ago and seeing this photo has got my stomach growling again. Looks Yum!
  20. Zak

    Caption Competition 69

    Thank you for all the captions submitted, they are great! Difficult to judge based just on wittiness, so I am including relevance of the situation and George's character when choosing the winning entries. So, the winners are: First place goes to @TomsMum for 'Roll up...roll up...everyone gather...
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