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  1. Ten week old Ringneck

    Thanks, and yes I guess we do.
  2. Ten week old Ringneck

    Oh now you mention it budgies always puts the mullet in their water and I throw it away lol I never understood why thought it was just them playing with it ..but maybe it not a mistake now you mention lol ..every time they put it in I throw it out.
  3. Ten week old Ringneck

    I usually soften the pellets in feed her with a syringe, another thing she would do to is dunk the pellets in her water I guess to soften and eat then ..cause when I return I notice only the parrot mix is there but the pellets usually go
  4. Ten week old Ringneck

    Okay, so I assume I should still continue to feed her then, the breeder told me to stop as soon as he starts but it pains me to not feed little Bella when she calls out and does the head bobbing. She has millet in her cage that she nibbles occasionally as mentioned but she wont eat any leafy veg...
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