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  1. Martin Dean

    Cleaning bird cage

    Can I use f10sc to clean a cage as well as sterilise it? As does f10sc clean does anyone know?
  2. Martin Dean

    Food bowls

    hello all! Im going to be feeding my 2 birds vegetables in 2 bowls and see in one bowl. The question I have is when I take the veg bowls out to clean them (say after 2-3 hours) what do I do with the bowls? Keep them out (then I will have 2 bowl holders in the cage with no bowls in them or put...
  3. Martin Dean

    Is it possible to train a kakariki with another near him?

    Hiya I have a kakariki that I have had for years and he will fly to my hand when I put it near, however he lost his friend a few years ago so I got him another who he is getting along with, however this new one isnt hand tame and Im wondering if its possible I can get this other onbe hand tame...
  4. Martin Dean

    Kakariki biting!!!

    hello im wondering why my kakariki has become very cage defensive in the last few months? I know a few years ago She had a friend (a budgie) however like I said he died a few years ago nopt recently!!! However my kakariki cage is placed next to my 2 cockatiels cage and he is allways on the side...
  5. Martin Dean

    Beech Chips

    Hiya all!!! Im wondering if anyone on here uses beech chips on the tray on their bird cage??? If so what do they do about the cleaning routine??? IE do you replace all the beech chips on a daily basis or do you just do a spot check for all the chips that have been desecrated on and just remove...
  6. Martin Dean

    Cage Grate Drying

    Hello all!!! Atm Im washing my cocktiels cage grate using Bob Martins Cage cleaner and then rinsing it off with water. What I want to know is can I then leave the grate to air dry in my bedroom or do I have to dry it myself using Kitchen Roll? I dont want the grate to rust!!!! Please help!!!!
  7. Martin Dean

    Waxing Grates

    ive read on a website that if you wax the bars on a bird/parrot cage grate, then the birds poop doesn’t stick to it and it ends up on the newspaper on the tray below, is this true? If so what do I wax the bars with? Also would it be a danger for a kakariki as he likes to walk around on the grate?
  8. Martin Dean

    Putting Up A Wall Mural

    I have got my room painted. Now I’ll be getting a mural put up with wallpaper paste. If I use this paste Will I have to have my parakeets...
  9. Martin Dean

    Room Being Painted

    hiya all!! My bedroom is being painted and my birds (2 cockatiels and a kakariki) are at the vets being boarded. The decorator says he will of fully finished my bedroom by Friday afternoon at the latest. As long as I keep both my bedroom windows open and have 2 air purifiers running, will I be...
  10. Martin Dean

    Bird Cut Under Wing

    hello, one of my cockatiels has a cut under it' wing on his body andi dunno what to do? He is still flying around and eating but it doesn' like being handled, it just steps up so I dunno if I should hold it in a towel to put something on the wound as it would stress it out A LOT! Please help...
  11. Martin Dean

    My Budgie Died :(

    Hello all, I had a budgie that got on great with my kakariki, unfortunately it died :( So my kakariki was on its own and it’s head started getting bald so I presumed it was feather plucking. So I got him a female kakariki to be with, however he is scared stiff of her and when she goes near him...
  12. Martin Dean

    Air Purifier Question

    Ive just purchased an air purifier ( I'm wondering can it be left on 24/7 or would you not leave it on that much??? I'm not currently sleeping in...
  13. Martin Dean

    Getting A Wall Plastered

    Hiya I have someone coming round to plaster my bedroom wall, however my parakeets will be in the same room. Will it be ok for him to do it in the same room? Or will it be better for them to go In their travel cages until he is finished?? Lastly how long after he has finished before they can go...
  14. Martin Dean

    What Air Purifier Do People Use?

    Hiiya I'm thinking of getting an air purifier next week to put ion my bedroom where my 4 birds are (2 cockatiels and a budgie and kakriki) amd I'm wondering with Air purifier to buy? Which Air Purifiers do you lot own?
  15. Martin Dean

    Best Seed Mix For Kakarikis?

    Hi all I am wondering what seed mix the people in this forum who own kakarikis feed to their kaks???
  16. Martin Dean

    Cleaning My Cage???

    I'm wondering what is the best thing to do with my bottom tray and how often I should clean it??? At the mo I replace the newspaper on the grill last thing at night and then I also replace the newspaper on the bottom tray last thing at night as well so they have a clean cage to sleep in? Am I...
  17. Martin Dean

    As310 Soaking Seed Mix

    Hi all!!!! I'm wondering whether the AS310 Soaking Seed Mix ( from Scarletts Parrots shop is too big for cockatiels, kakarikis and budgies to eat when sprouted? I'm thinking this as the only birds in them 3 to pick up the...
  18. Martin Dean

    Black Stuff On Cage!!!

    Hiya all!! I went to change the newspaper and noticed there is some weird black stuff (looks like the burn on a pan) and I tried removing it by scrubbing vigorously using my Poop Off and it just wont remove!!!! Anyone know what it could be and how I would remove it??? I have it covered by...
  19. Martin Dean

    Sprouting Seeds

    Hiya all!!! I have a kakariki, a budgie and 2 cockatiels and I'm going to be feeding them sprouted seeds every morning but I'm wondering how long should I wait for the sprouts to get before harvesting them and giving them to my birds??? Lastly what should the birds be eating? The actual sprouts...
  20. Martin Dean

    Tidymix Food

    Hello all!!!! I have a budgie in the same cage as a kakariki and I'm wondering if I can feed the Kakariki the Budgie Tidymix seed? Or would it be better mixing the budgie mix with the parakeet Tidymix food?
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