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  1. Sarah Hessell

    Max And Billy

    This has been happening over the last couple of days, so sweet
  2. Sarah Hessell

    Meet George

    Hello everybody I would like to introduce you to George, well his name is actually Georgie Porgie lol but that doesn't really fit in with the Harry Potter theme. We have had George for a couple of months now but I haven't posted him up as it was u decided as to wether we were keeping him. At...
  3. Sarah Hessell

    Max 5 Months On

    I have been promising for a while now to do an update on Max my DYA, he is loads better than he was, you e all seen him in the shower, Pmsl, that actually sounds quite rude. He will step up onto my hand now but only when he's in the right mood, he still protects Fred the sennie, even tho Fred...
  4. Sarah Hessell

    A Breakthrough With Max

    As most of you know, Max my DYA is not the friendliest guy lol, although I wish I knew his story because I really don't think he's had the best start in life so I don't blame him for being a mardy arse. Well today we had a breakthrough, 27 weeks to the day according to Tascha, every time max...
  5. Sarah Hessell

    Neville Two Weeks On

    As you know we got little Neville a fortnight ago from newark, he is parent reared so hasn't been handled by humans, his progress with us has come on in leaps and bounds, still no touching with hands but he loves hiding under my chin and having snuggles and kisses. and the beauty of him being...
  6. Sarah Hessell

    Neville Is Out

    Hi everyone, been meaning to post this for a couple of days now but there just aren't enough hours in my day at the minute. On Wednesday afternoon I decided the time was right for Neville to come out of his cage, yes a lot of people said make sure he comes to your hand before he comes out, or...
  7. Sarah Hessell

    Meet Neville

    Evening all finally have enough charge in my iPad to post, had a lovely morning at Newark this morning, met the lovely Lauren, finally caught up with Mandi and Anne marie too, and of course Dave Moody and his lovely wife to be. After only going for aviary mesh I came home with out it but with...
  8. Sarah Hessell

    Monday 2Nd

    Omg is it me or is the time going past very very quickly. Still as cold as ever tho. Busy busy for me as from now, I have my grandson coming this morning, my daughter starts her new job today, so she will drop him off at 8 and pick him up at one then I will go to work for half past. This...
  9. Sarah Hessell

    A Few Of Mine

    Here's a couple of recent piccies of lot x
  10. Sarah Hessell

    I'm Bragging Lol.

    Look what I got, well not me, my babies. I never ever win anything but I've won the lottery and the lovely scarlett sent me a prize, as you can see it has been given the seal of approval, I nearly kept it and didn't let them have it lol but I thought against it, there were also two foot toys...
  11. Sarah Hessell


    Morning all, dark and dingy here and we have snow on the dustbin, only on the dustbin mind, which is weird. Max decided he has now settled in to this household last night, and has started showing us what he's made of lol, he flatly refused to go to bed, flatly refused to step up onto his perch...
  12. Sarah Hessell

    Just For Auntie Tascha

  13. Sarah Hessell

    Just Love These Two Pics

  14. Sarah Hessell

    The Boys

    Here's just a couple of my boys
  15. Sarah Hessell

    It's Tuesday

    Morning everybody, what a night, think I need some matchsticks this morning, I'm soooo tired, and this ruddy cold is starting to really pee me of now, day 9, spent most of the night coughing, I never get colds. Lisa I hope you managed some sleep last night Hunni. Xxx Chilly one this morning...
  16. Sarah Hessell

    Wednesday 9Th

    Morning folks, day two for me of my Christmas cooking marathon lol, am shattered already and to cap it all off I've got this stinking cold back again. Fed some of our town pensioners yesterday, they seemed to enjoy everything. Today I've gotta prep more veg and make trifles and gateaux for the...
  17. Sarah Hessell

    Meet Tilly

    Well guys her is the other new member of our family! It's Tilly she is a patterdale/bedlington terrier she is a sweetie, we were adamant no more but Rosie dog was so lonely and so sad, and to be honest so were we. Tho I have forgotten how much puppy teeth hurt.we were gonna rescue but with the...
  18. Sarah Hessell

    Meet Max

    Hiya guys, sorry was a bit naughty with the photo comp, yes I do have a new addition to the household, well in fact I have two lol, but the other isn't a parrot. Me and Tascha picked Max up today, he is adorable, and a double yellow head, although very very loud, hopefully this will calm down...
  19. Sarah Hessell

    Tuesday 11Th

    Morning all, wet and cold here this morning and very dark, Urgh. Earlies for me today and a double shift too, I'm bloody crackers, Got two adventures happening this week, so watch this space and see what happens. And I suppose I soon oughta start Christmas shopping for the grandkids...
  20. Sarah Hessell

    Wednesday 5 Nov

    Morning everyone, dark and very cold here this morning, I haven't checked to see if we have had a slight frost or not yet. I'm able to post this morning as my forum page is normal today, strange things keep happening to it.
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