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  1. Del

    Nail Clipping

    When clipping Milly's nails I only normally take the little tip off, this to stop obviously scratching me or over growing. Lately they seem to be growing at some speed but I know I want to take a little bit more off than the tip, but I don't want to hit a blood/v. Any tips on how to take the...
  2. Del

    Play Time In The Taylor's House

  3. Del

    Advice On Starting To Breed African Greys

    Proud owner of Milly who is six and my world. Have been interested in breeding for yrs but also a gym freak. Unfortunately after suffering a bad shoulder injury, my operation has put me out of action for the last four months. I really can't see me going back so I now want to put all my love and...
  4. Del

    Few Pics Of My 6Yr Old Milly

  5. Del

    Hi Everyone, I'm Del And New Today

    Hellllloooooo. My name is del a proud owner of my lovely grey named Milly. I have had Milly sic nice a little cute baby. She now is six and is the joy of my life. I'm here to meet new people who share my same passion.
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