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  1. erithacus

    A Baby Scarlett Macaw? Yes Or No?

    Hello forum, It’s been 2 and a half years ago when I bought a B&G Macaw called Marcus from a couple that didn’t want him anymore (young couple the female was pregnant). This house is at the first floor and very close to my work so me and Marcus already “knew” each other [emoji2958] I eventually...
  2. erithacus

    African Grey Mating

    Goodmorning forum :)))) Look at my cute cute birdies :) I’ve only seen her once acting like this 3 years ago with our missing boy back then when they still were both kidos :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. erithacus

    Possibility Of Feather Plucking?

    hello everyone.... My two babies are 2 years old (they both have their birthday)...The reason i start this, is because as you can see at the video, the male has around the neck missing some feathers.....and im so worried.... Lately he has gorwn to be very curious and sometimes...
  4. erithacus

    A Female or A Male Parrot?

    Well, hello again forum... I would expect in this topic that parrot Daddies would vote for female parrots while Mummies would vote for male ones....Or not? :)
  5. erithacus

    african grey Bathing

    hello feather fellas ;) I am raising two beautiful and adorable african grey babies, but i have a problem bathing them....The male wants me to bath him only when he is outside the cage and the female only when she is in the cage..I have been watching in youtube  people who are bathing their...
  6. erithacus

    Will Two African Grey Babies (H/r) Mate, If They Kept Together? Should I Stop Petting Them?/ I think these are signs of  childhood love, no?
  7. erithacus


    Hello, My name is Antonio and i am an owner of two beautiful african greys a male and a female..I got them last year (at the age of 12 weeks old) and i am looking forward to get sexually matured so i can breed them and why not keep their babies and start an african grey family :) I am keen on...
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