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  1. Deb2uk

    Cooked or Raw ?

    Hi, apologies if this has been asked before, but do you feed g, i.e. carrots etc raw or cooked, only I have been giving Shady raw carrot, sprout, apple ( no pips ) straight to him, and he just nibbles and drops most of it.I assume its strange to him as he was just fed a diet of seed mix. Many...
  2. Deb2uk

    New parrot virgin here

    Hi all, well this is all totally new to me, and what a better place to be is here for help etc. I have recently got a male African grey, 3 days now, who I believe to be approx 5/6 years old. My son-in-law's mother passed away last week, and this is how I've acquired him. I really don't think he...
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