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  1. Angie

    Hi Everyone

    Hi everyone, as you know i`ve not been around for a while but i`m back now with a vengence lol, hope you and your birdies are doing great and enjoying the nice weather. G-G is doing great he`s enjoying the sun at the moment at the back door talking his head off , here`s some pic`s of him i took...
  2. Angie

    Sylvia The Talking Parrot

    I`ve just come across this video on youtube and i think she`s great
  3. Angie

    Troy Parrots

    Have a look a this, it`s the first time i`ve heard about them, it`s heartbreaking
  4. Angie

    New Year Resolutions

    Mine is that i`m going to lose the stone i`e put on in the last year as none of my clothes are fitting me and i don`t want to buy any new as i`m not happy to stay at this weight, also i`m determined to put my house on the market as i`ve been saying it for the last couple of years but never...
  5. Angie

    Off His Food

    I made G-G some mash just before christmas but he won`t eat it, i didn`t put anything in that i don`t normally also he`s gone off his pulses, do you think i should be worried? he`s still eating his pellets seed veg and fruit.
  6. Angie

    Hello Everyone

    Hi all, my name`s Angie and i have one grey named G-G who will be two in february, he`s a little terror but i love him, he doesn`t like strangers going near him and has bitten loads of people over christmas because the first thing they do when they come is say Arr and stick their finger in the...
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