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  1. orangesplash

    Newbie with 2 parrots

    I have Bella who is my female grey 6 months old and just now I got another parrot that seems a male and is 4.5 months old. now i need some guidelines please from the parrot experts please:- 1. should i keep them in the same cage. 2. is it correct that if i keep them together, they will not...
  2. orangesplash

    4 month old African Grey

    This is the first time i will be getting an african grey and i am really looking forward to it. the breeder told me it looks like a Girl, but the DNA has not been done yet. it is 4 months old and almost fully weaned. it eats fruits, seeds and mix feed(the readily available ones!) i am a...
  3. orangesplash

    Buying an african grey who is near to self-need GUIDELINES

    Dear Members, So the dilemma is....:- I lost 3 of my baby parrots for apparently no reason. the first parrot's postmortem showed mycoplasma infection. the second one died all of a sudden and the 3rd one died after being perfectly healthy 30 minutes before...
  4. orangesplash

    What’s wrong ?

    Please see this video What’s wrong
  5. orangesplash

    Baby rejecting feeding syringe

    I have a yellow ring neck and green ring neck, both almost the same age- almost 2 months old. The green does not want to be fed by the feeding syringe anymore. He wants to eat from a spoon. I am a newbie and very worried. Need guidelines please.
  6. orangesplash

    What should be the temperature and humidity for a 1 month old parrot?

    I am a newbie and have a few queries as to the temperature and humidity requirements of a 1 month and 1 month plus baby parrots. The ventilation in the brooder is through fans and there is heating via a filament mechanism. like there are no heaters in it. the heating is very good. please...
  7. orangesplash

    Is my baby parrot sick? ___SOS___

    i have three baby parrots. I am a newbie. one of the parrots is letting out a feeble sound and not shouting the way the rest of the 2 are screaming for food. the crop has also not emptied as the rest of the 2's crops did. i am worried to death right now. need help please. i am uploading a video...
  8. orangesplash

    Greetings from Pakistan

    Dear Members! Im here from Pakistan :) Have always loved Chickens but 4 days back, my 6 & 4 year old daughters saw budgies in someone's house and started saying they want Parrots too! So the dilemma of our house right now is:- 1) Cream Cocktails. 2) hogoromas-2 pairs. in 2 different colors...
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