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  1. Crookesy

    Tail feathers looking a little scraggy

    Hi all Rio is coming on a treat and becoming a really nice social bird . When we got him he was looking a little disheveled in the feather department and I think this was just down to stress and the fact he was only young . In the 3-4 weeks we have had him he’s looking a little better but today...
  2. Crookesy

    Parrot potty training??

    As the title . Does or has anyone potty trained their feathered friends when out of the cage ?? Feels like I’m asking a stupid question but stranger things have happened ! :nut:
  3. Crookesy

    New cage

    Hi . I’m looking at buying a new cage for Rio and wanted peoples thoughts on this, does anyone use the same . Will house my 7 month old alexandrine
  4. Crookesy

    Feeding routine during settling in phase .

    Hi all Just wanted some advice on feeding during this crucial trust building phase. Currently my alexandrine has a dry food bowl and a fresh fruit bowl , am I right in thinking that taking the food bowls out after breakfast time then putting them back in later at tea time with fresh food is...
  5. Crookesy

    New Alexandrine owner

    Hi all New to the forum so be gentle . I have just brought my new Alex home today, going to let him settle in for a week or so, so on the meantime if anyone could offer any advice that would be great . After doing lots of research and speaking with a number of breeders/shops I decided to go...
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