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  1. Eclectus Female

    Awww thats terrible, i plan on giving mine the best possible life it can have thats not in the wild :D
  2. Eclectus Female

    Ok brilliant thanks for your advice, im thrououghly doing my research and making sure i have a firm understanding and knowledge before getting my eclectus, im totally new to parrots so advice is always welcome :)
  3. Eclectus Female

    Thanks for your help :)
  4. Eclectus Female

    Im reading stuff like this that i hope is correct? :)
  5. Eclectus Female

    No i have never had a parrot before, but i am doing an awful lot of research and not looking to rush into buying one either, ive read about the diets and what they like, its a companion for life :) many thanks for the contact :)
  6. Eclectus Female

    Hi all! Im looking to find a reputable breeder of eclectus parrots and im struggling to find any at the moment! If you could point me in the right direction that would be brilliant, i would love to have a female red side or solomon island to call my own so any help would be greatly appreciated :)
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