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  1. AngieL

    Will new80%wool carpet affect my cockatiels

    I need a new carpet. Was worried about my cockatiels. . This particular carpet is 80%wool. Supposedly eco friendly. Will this affect my birds health.
  2. AngieL

    Making eating greens more interesting

    This is a picture of Sparrow loving his broccoli that I put through the top of the cage. He talks. Had him from a baby. He says Hello boy boy. Love him x
  3. AngieL

    Help my female cockatiel is plucking her feathers out from under her wings.

    Can I have some advise please. She is 3 yrs old. Has been laying eggs, not fertilised. Sat on them till she came off them. Started laying eggs again, I took away nest box as she had by then started plucking. Took her to the vet, he said she looked healthy, it was possibly hormones. She eats...
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