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  1. Latindancer

    Happy Birthday Latin dancer

    Thanks guys, sorry been having a few issues. love to you all. Hope everyone is staying safe and looking after themselves ❤️
  2. Latindancer

    Teaching Ollie to drink juice out of a shot glass

    @Roz Scruff mastered the cherry juice in the shot glass, he loves it. Thanks so much. Success ❤ now if he would just step up 🤣
  3. Latindancer

    Teaching Ollie to drink juice out of a shot glass

    I know it’s the guilt, I know I’m supposed to be helping him get better, but honestly the way he looks at me when after I’ve used the towel on him makes me feel bad.
  4. Latindancer

    Teaching Ollie to drink juice out of a shot glass

    Spoiler alert:tmnt:
  5. Latindancer

    Teaching Ollie to drink juice out of a shot glass

    Thanks Roz, just bought some £7 a bottle being delivered by prime tomorrow, I’ll give it a go. Currently I’m disguising antibiotics on a small piece of granary toast with almond nut butter. All the other ways were not working😂
  6. Latindancer

    Teaching Ollie to drink juice out of a shot glass

    Thanks Mike, need to buy cherry juice and some shot glasses and try this, I’ve got nothing to loose. If scruffy doesn’t like the juice I can always add the brandy:p
  7. Latindancer


    Welcome :budgie:
  8. Latindancer

    Erinaceus Europaeus - The New Temporary Lodger in my House

    Sorry Tash, you did your best. It’s a lovely thing you’re doing, poor little things.
  9. Latindancer

    Happy Birthday Dizzyblue

    Happy Birthday @DizzyBlue hope you had a great day Tasha, sod normality - resume eating the cake.
  10. Latindancer

    Sunday 15th September

    Happy Birthday @DizzyBlue, you shouldn’t wait to till your Birthday just to eat cake. Go get another slice and party like it’s your Birthday everyday. You go girl.
  11. Latindancer

    Sunday 15th September

    Morning everyone It feels very Autumnal here in Bromsgrove this morning. I’ve survived my dance masterclass held yesterday in a big dance studio located in the Hipprodrome Theatre, Birmingham. My feet are killing me, sometimes I forget I’m 52. Kept up with all the 20 year olds though. This...
  12. Latindancer

    Friday 13th September

    Sorry to hear this, Are you in a hotel @Yellowchickenparrot, if you are and haven’t already done so - go see the concierge, they may be able to offer some help and assistance. Unfortunately I don’t have any friends in Slovenia who can help you. My thoughts are with you, hopefully someone will...
  13. Latindancer

    Friday 13th September

    Thanks Dizzy B&G macaw, fingers and toes crossed. You wouldn’t want my daughter, she’ll be moaning, I’m mean complaining whilst she’s setting it up, I have a degree in engineering, but I’m absolute rubbish with mobile phones, it’s a dark art. Dinner would be good though, I taught her to cook...
  14. Latindancer

    Friday 13th September

    Morning everyone, well it’s been an emotional week. 2 funerals in less than 5 days that’s more than enough this year, father in laws last Saturday and then our beloved Jude’s Tomsmum yesterday. Today I have to go to work, I have a pile of ironing that I can’t face, so I’ve just chucked it into...
  15. Latindancer

    Happy Birthday Wendy Cooper-wolf

    Happy Birthday Wendy :emoji_champagne::emoji_champagne_glass::emoji_cake: Hope you had a lovely day
  16. Latindancer


    So so sorry for your loss Michael, you gave Alan your love and the best life. My thoughts are with you, Jude will be taking good care of him. X
  17. Latindancer

    Chewy, My Beautiful Boy Has Gone.

    Oh Kerin I’m so sorry for your loss, fly free chewy x
  18. Latindancer

    Cage Advice Please

    I’ve found this article really helpful The cage you’ve identified above is way to small for a macaw. Good luck with the shopping.
  19. Latindancer

    Tomsmum - Judith Templeman

    Absolutely devastated, I only spoke with her on messenger a couple of weeks ago, and was going to pop in to see her, I had a stinky cold so couldn’t visit for afternoon tea as we’d planned. My last message was no worries we’ll get together soon. My heart goes out to Mark and the family on their...
  20. Latindancer

    Good Morning :) Friday 28th June

    Good morning everyone, my daughter moves into her new home today. Well she gets the keys:emoji_grinning::emoji_grinning:. I think she’s in for a bit of a shock, but at 26 she knows everything. She only moving 10 minutes away so I can still call on her for bird sitting duties. I’m not too...
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