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  1. Roz

    It's Strawberry Season!

    Ollie goes strawberry picking...
  2. Roz

    Kobe and Ollie...

    ... mucking about on top of the fridge... Kobe is moulting heavily this year so excuse his somewhat dishevelled appearance.
  3. Roz

    Indiana Ollie

    ... or where there's a will, there's a way! Ollie's back to his curious self. Was amazed to see him working out how to climb down the clothes rack! Kobe on the other hand couldn't care less... Down he goes, legs flailing at times... Nearly there... Made it!
  4. Roz

    Ollie had a good day

    Ollie had a good morning today. The last three days have been good and today he played in the conservatory before breakfast instead of flying to the kitchen to demand a snack of peas. Ollie is not digesting food properly (suspected PDD/ABG) so is always hungry and tired. The vet here says...
  5. Roz

    Best friends!

  6. Roz

    Feel the love (Ollie and Kobe)

  7. Roz

    All You Need Is Love (Kobe and Ollie)

  8. Roz

    Kobe and Ollie go exploring...

    ... or spot the Kobe! Here I am!
  9. Roz

    Spot the Ollie!

    Here I am! Can you see me in the Kentia palm? I blend so well!
  10. Roz

    Shower day!

    Here's Kobe having his shower/spray. I have to turn on the vacuum cleaner to get him in the mood:
  11. Roz

    Kobe and Ollie ... firm friends

  12. Roz

    Teaching Ollie to drink juice out of a shot glass

    Thought it was a good idea to teach Ollie to drink a strongly flavoured juice that could hide future meds. This is Chico's tart cherry juice. Ollie was afraid of it to start with. He won't drink off a spoon or out of a syringe (for now) so gradually reducing the amount of juice in a shot...
  13. Roz

    Will he? Won't he?...

    ... Preen his friend? Ollie and Kobe share some together time. :biggrin:
  14. Roz

    Ollie has a shower

    Ollie loves being sprayed. This was a couple of days ago in the aviary.
  15. Roz

    How to tame my Rosella?

    Hi @Gianos! This was your question from the Profile Posts. There wasn't enough room to write my answer there, so I have moved it here: Hey roz could you give me some tips or suggestions about how to tame or pet my rosella? She is biting a bit (not hard) and is really scared This is a great...
  16. Roz

    I Got The Hots For You!

    Boom Boom :sparkle_heart::sparkle_heart: Boom Boom :sparkle_heart::sparkle_heart: I can't believe this!!!! Kobe used to hate Ollie - he used to chase him away or attack him all the time. Ollie's gentle tenacity (he's always loved Kobe) has paid off. It's only taken 9 years...
  17. Roz

    The Great Escape...

    ... starring Ollie McQueen as Amazon Hilts (the Cashew King) "YESSSSSS! I did it without the bike!"
  18. Roz

    Training Ollie to go into his travel cage

    Back in April I started desensitizing Ollie to the cage: In the last few weeks I have been training in earnest as he may need to go to the vet. I shaped the procedure using tiny steps or approximations towards the final behaviour of stepping down onto the travel cage perch. Success! I'm...
  19. Roz

    Ollie's undigested material in poop update

    Ollie has had undigested food in his poop for a few months now. The vet sent away fecal material for testing. Results were inconclusive/nothing abnormal. He seemed to get a little better. Then recently there was more undigested material. Ollie seemed always hungry and tired. He was doing...
  20. Roz

    How much does my head weigh?

    How much does my eye weigh?... How much does my beak weigh?... How much does my head weigh?... And all of me?...
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