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  1. Hotwheel123

    Handling lovebird chicks

    Hi can anyone tell me if its ok to regulary pick up lovebird chicks out the nest box to get them use to been handled but not to be handfed . Thanks Colin
  2. Hotwheel123

    Holiday boarding in cheshire

    Hi does anyone know if there is anyone in the cheshire area that boards ringneck parrots .regards colin
  3. Hotwheel123

    Live grubs for treats

    Hi can you feed meal worms / live grubs to ringneck parots
  4. Hotwheel123

    Hi to all

    Just want to say hi as i am new to all this and need to ask a question,i have been after a parrot for years and now i have the time and space to get one and i am interested in a ringneck but i have a springer spaniel and i am worried if the dog would upset the parrot ,do any of you have a bird...
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